Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Facetune.

I know it isn't cool to pull back the curtain and reveal a magician's secrets, but lately I have been seeing so many posts about how social media effects our self esteems, and feel it's my duty to keep it real one hundy.

In case you didn't know, no one is perfect. And those glam and flawless pictures you see on Instagram of your favorite celebrity, influencer, or even podcast host have most likely been facetuned, honey!

I make no secret about my Facetune use, and even tweet about it semi-often. But I wanted to really chat about it, what I do with the app, and why I use it. 

I downloaded Facetune last year after hearing Khloe Kardashian name-check it on KUWTK. I was immediately intrigued by it's many possibilities. 

You can smooth your fine lines, whiten your teeth, and erase blemishes with the simple swipe of your finger across your phone screen. And that's just if you don't feel like getting creative. 

So I started playing around with the app. Because I have some integrity in this field, I would initially just try to just fix tiny things that I thought "ruined" the photo. My teeth are pretty white (I just had them professionally whitened, I have a white teeth obsession) but sometimes in certain lighting, my teeth would look yellower in pics. So I would swipe them white. I might erase a zit if I was otherwise feeling myself. My favorite thing to do was to sharpen up certain parts of the photo, like my wedding ring, to make it shine. It was all innocent enough!  

You can also go WAY too hard with it and make yourself look like a sexy alien. I do that when I'm bored sometimes, but obviously would never post. It is really easy to go too far, though, and erase/correct any glimpse of humanity from your photo. 

The more I used Facetune, the more I would find myself going harder and harder with it. When Facetune 2 came out (which is 15 dollars a year to "subscribe") I initially refused to indulge. But then, I saw what it can do and I said COLOR ME INTRIGUED. 
I paid the 15 and never looked back.

I consider myself a hard core Facetuner at this point and I am here to confess my secrets. 

Now, I still refuse to go super hard with it. I have flaws and I am here to say that flaws are okay! I am in my 30's now and I have lines around my eyes when I smile, and smile lines. I made a vow to myself to never fully Facetune myself to "perfection." But if we are being honest, I Facetune 99% of the photos I post in some way. I even Facetune pics of Chooch and inanimate objects, like birthday cakes. I have found many helpful tools in the app that go beyond perfecting your selfies. But yes, I FACETUNE. EVERYONE DOES. I promise. And I have a little guilt, and perhaps that is why I am sharing this. But mainly because I cannot stress enough that no one is perfect and we all gotta stop comparing ourselves to instagram filtered photos of glamorous people we've never seen in person. 

This app is amazing. Facetune 2 can scan your face and you can go in with a sliding scale and shrink/move certain parts of your face. I never had a complex about my nose being big until I became an iphone user. But that damn wide angle lens makes my nose look way bigger than it actually is IRL. 

So I might take my nose down 10% in size.

I also shrink my face a tiny bit for the same reason. Again, I think the camera can make my face look wider than it really is. And I vowed to myself to never tweak anything over 10%! I hold myself to some morals! 

If I have a zit, I'll erase it. I highlight my hair and up the vibrance on it. I might sharpen up the print on my top to make it pop. 

And the under-eye area. Oh, honey. I have discussed on Natch Beaut before how insecure I am about my under eyes. To me, it's really the only part of my face I am unhappy with. It just shows my real age (I like to think I look good for my age) and when that damn Iphone camera shows my under-eye texture, I always remove it before I post a photo. 

And as for Chooch, I sometimes remove crud from her fur (if she has something tiny stuck in it that shows up in the photo), or I highlight her mouth and up the sharpness to show off her smile, or I up the saturation in her tail colors. I am so Hollywood, I even Facetune my damn dog.

But listen, there is no shame in doing a little touching up, honey. If it makes you feel good, I say DO IT! And it's important to raise awareness of Facetune, because I used to get really down on myself when I would look at social media, comparing myself to models and celebs. But take it from me, they touch up their pics. So just know that they aren't perfect and no one is and we are all beautiful and everything's okay!

Here is a photo I just posted a few days ago on my instagram. My husband took this of me when I got home from my hike. I plopped down on the floor of my office and Chooch lied down with me.

I touched this up with Facetune with the following:

  • I sharpened Chooch's face
  • I whitened my teeth
  • I shrank my head a tiny bit
  • I removed my epic chin zit that attacked my face last week
  • I removed some little paper shreds that were on the office floor that threw off the photo (I need to vacuum) 
  • I used the stamp tool to fix my eyebrow, cause one of them looked crazy

SEE?! All that just for a no makeup pic!

Now, for a makeup photo, I do WAY more. Here is a photo I touched up from a couple weeks ago. On this one, I did the following:

  • Relit my face
  • Shrank my nose
  • shrank my face and jawline
  • made my eyes slightly bigger
  • Brightened my eyes
  • made my hair brighter
  • made my eye makeup more vibrant
  • smoothed my under eyes
  • smoothed my forehead

I didn't post this pic on my real instagram cause I was so self-conscious of how "fake" it looks. I didn't even go that HAM on it, now looking back. 

Here is a photo I went real hard on. I posted this photo earlier this year, but just added additional Facetune to show y'all what you can do with this insane app. 

  • I shrank my nose
  • I shrank my jawline
  • I shrank the size of my face
  • I made my eyes bigger
  • I made my lips bigger
  • I removed all texture from my skin
  • I enhanced the vibrance of my eye makeup
  • I made my eyes clearer
  • I enhanced my eye color (I'm already wearing green contacts)

Now, I think I look like a sexy alien in this photo, but really I just look insane. But there are lots of people we follow on insta that do this much (probably more) facetuning to every photo they post. And I tell you this again just so you know that no one is this smooth and vibrant without a little tuning. Everybody tunes! So don't feel like you're a monster because you have pores, under-eye wrinkles, or a breakout. Everyone does. Just not everyone knows about Facetune. 

And just for reference, here is that same photo taken to the extreme. 


I will say, as someone who films herself talking on snapchat with no filter all the time, it's all about lighting. I can sit in front of my window and snap, and then go in my room and I look like a swamp creature on camera. If you are interested in upping your selfie game, I highly recommend a selfie ring light! They are like Kim K's lumee case, but much more accessible (and way cheaper.)

I used these to snap or take selfies sometimes to show off my makeup. The ring light helps to light your face and fill in shadows, like my dreaded under-eye area!

This is the one I have. They're also a huge hit at parties, I must say.

So, I hope this was enlightening for you. I am not perfect and now you know I really am not perfect. I have insecurities and I blur them out sometimes. But here I am, world! I'm not sorry!

Do you use Facetune?

Did this blog post make you want to download it, or make you wanna burn your phone and run away to a remote island forever?

I would love to hear your thoughts below!