Life DNA, will you be my Valentine?

This year, I have found true love on Valentine's Day.

Their name is Life DNA

Use code JACKIE for 15% off.

Use code JACKIE for 15% off.

I am a sucker for compliments and SUPPLEMENTS. I had been searching for the right ones, swiping right, going on blind supplement dates, but none of them were right for me.

Some of them were pretty, but had no personality. Or some of them seemed exciting, but really weren't my type.

But when I discovered Life DNA, I knew I had finally found my perfect supplement match

And the good news is, Life DNA isn't just my perfect match. They are ALL of our perfect match, because Life DNA makes personalized health and beauty packages based on your DNA!

My Life DNA mix.

My Life DNA mix.

Just like on a great first date, Life DNA sits you down and asks all about you.

They learn all about your DNA, lifestyle, and what makes you unique. Then they build the skincare and supplement packages around what would work best for you.

Then, the Life DNA geneticists will analyze your DNA for free, finding the deficiencies, risks, and needs that are unique to you. Don't worry, they will be really uplifting and supportive about it, unlike your ex. They will let you know what exact natural, organic, or quality ingredients you need. You don't even need to drop any hints- they will just know!

Then your new boo will send you a personalized box automatically. You don't have to go back out into the supplement aisle scene. Life DNA will make you feel better than any other supplement first date you've ever had- and it won't cost you a lot of money or time! Plus you can stay in your sweat pants. This is a comfortable love.

When I met LifeDNA, I had been hurt by supplements past yet they made me feel so at ease and confident. I told them my main concerns were energy (Momma gets TIRED throughout the day) and immunity (it's a record-breaking cold and flu season!) and of course, I'm vegan so I wanted no gelatin in my capsules (this normally takes over half the supplement aisle off the table for me).

I wasn't born with these nails.

I wasn't born with these nails.

I have been taking my Life DNA custom supplements for a month now, and HONEY. I have NOT gotten sick (I am so proud of this!), my energy is insane (no more mid-day naps with Chooch) and my nails are at a record length and strength! 

I cannot believe my NAILS! They have never been this strong in my dang life. I know they are all different shapes, I am experimenting! Life DNA likes that about me. 

So needless to say, I am officially in love. If you've been curious about supplementing your health with, well, supplements, perhaps you will be lucky in love like me with Life DNA!



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