The first official Natch Beaut Hunnies Meet Up in the Big D!

I try to go back to my home town of Dallas, Texas every few months to see my niece and nephew (who are babies, but every day they are growing up and they won't be babies much longer!) 
I booked a trip to see them this past weekend, and decided that while I was there, I would throw an informal "Meet Up" of Natch Beaut listeners, since I get so many emails about hometown hunnies being fans of the podcast. 

And I was SO DANG NERVOUS about it! My social anxiety first budded in 4th grade, when I threw a birthday party at Celebration Station and only 2 kids came. Could it be because my birthday is right by Thanksgiving, so they missed my party due to holiday travels? Probably. That is at least that is what I tell myself to get through each passing day.

But for real, every year I have friends miss my birthday plans due to Thanksgiving travels. This 4th grade party though definitely scarred me for life! 

I chose a random bar with the help of my sister, and we posted about the meet up on my social media and in the Natch Beaut Facebook group. And I tried to just sit back and hope for the best! You never know how many people will show up when you post about a casual social event, and my mind was spiraling up until we walked up to the bar that no one was gonna come and I would feel like 4th grade loser Jackie all over again.

My sister said "Well, if no one comes at least no one will be there to know that no one came."

And I said "But if ONE person comes, THEY WILL TELL THE WORLD THAT NO ONE CAME!" 

When we arrived, two hunnies were already there! So I was instantly relieved that even before the official start time of the meet-up, I had already matched my 4th grade birthday party's attendance.

And slowly, more and more hunnies began to arrive. Some brought gifts. All gave hugs. Katie with the Good hair (as she is so lovingly referred to in the Facebook group) came and brought me a flower crown!

We laughed, we chatted, we even did a Soul Train dance line at one point (thanks, Bianca!).

My dad even showed up! He is the biggest Jackie J fan ever, after all. 

I had the BEST time. My cheeks hurt from smiling. It was my absolute honor to meet such an incredible group of beautiful, funny, smart, cool ladies.

So I just wanted to share some photos from the event and give my hunnies some love! 

The success of this event encouraged me in many ways... but here are 3. 

  1. I will definitely be planning an LA meet-up soon! So be on the lookout for that. I will post about it on Twitter @Jackie_Michele, Insta @natchbeaut, and on the Facebook page as well as the Facebook group. So keep your perfectly-winged eye's peeled for that!
  2. One of the hunnies told me I am her role model, and that she wants me to stop being so self-deprecating, and I had tears in my eyes as she told me this. I will never forget your words, Ms. Hayley! And to due her justice, I am gonna try to be less self-deprecating! Let's see how much my life changes with this elevation to my life!
  3. A lot of hunnies said to me "You should start putting links on the Facebook page so we can support you!" I told them there are a few ways you can support Natch Beaut more, and I realized I haven't really advertised this and wanted to post it here for y'all to see!

How to Support Natch Beaut

Most links on are affiliate links, meaning if you click that link and end up buying something (not even the product that was linked, but any purchase that is made from that initial link) I get a tiny percentage of that sale.

This money goes directly back into the podcast, whether it be for the website maintenance, shipping costs for mailings, or product purchases to keep my reviews coming and and my tea brewing fresh! 

So if you click most of my links, but these three in particular ...

... your girl Jackie J will get a tiny slice. Think of it like the Natch Beaut Smile page!

And this is true for any Ulta, Amazon, and Sephora links on the site (as well as a few others, so click with fierceness!) If you wanna start clicking on Natch Beaut before you go on your next online shopping bender, now you know that you are supporting Natch Beaut while doing so!

Other than that, I am just so grateful to be a part of your lives, and thank you for listening to Natch Beaut. That support is worthy of a hug from Chooch!

Here are some of the pics of me and the Dallas Hunnies. I was having so much fun I didn't get a group pic! If anyone did, please send it to me! We have already vowed to do a karaoke night next time I am in town. Start coming up with your songs now!

I love my hunnies to the moon and back! 

Oh and a special thank you to Lana for being the first Hunnie to arrive, and for the cowboy hat she brought for Chooch!

Chooch LOVES IT! 

Thank you, Aunt Lana!

Thank you, Aunt Lana!

Message from the admin, which is Jackie's sister if you didn't already know.

Thank you so much for supporting my Jackie. And it was so great meeting my fellow DFW hunnies! If you want to further support the Natch Beaut online cause, let anyone you know who needs a Website that they can use the same talented Web guru that Natch Beaut uses! ;) Also, Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon!