I went to Riley Rose so you didn't have to...but you honestly should go anyway!

Move over, Sephora, Ulta, and the like! Us Angelinos have yet another makeup and skincare store to surrender our funds to: It's called Riley Rose, and my one word review is:


Riley Rose was opened by the daughters of the founders of Forever 21, but it's NOT inexpensive like Forever. They carry tons of brands, ranging in price point from cheap to bougie, and literally everything is chic, precious, and instagram-worthy.

And that is what the founders set out to do! This store was founded by millennials, for millennials. Everything is PINK, there are neon signs and instagram photo-ops galore, and there is NO way you aren't gonna buy something because the product range and displays are curated to absolute perfection.

There's beauty, skincare, hair care, home decor, office items, candy, snacks, gifts, technology- and literally everything in the store is adorable and I want everything.

I consider myself pretty well-taken-care-of in the beauty and skincare department, yet I managed to spend 10 minutes in the store and spent 80 dollars. 

Let me catch my breath.

This store is EVERYTHING! Here are some quick facts on the store:

  • It's inside the Glendale Galleria Mall (it has its own entrance from the outside, though, like a BOSS)
  • It's Sephora-like in the sense that you can swatch and use everything, but with lots of indie and Korean brands that Sephora (or Ulta) doesn't have!
  • OH MAN is there lots of Korean beauty
  • TONS of sheet masks, TONS.
  • BOAT LOADS of skincare
  • TRUCK LOADS of hair stuff

This is the PERFECT place to buy gifts for your pals this holiday season, for birthdays, bachelorettes, etc. 

They have BATH BOMBS that look like little cupcakes. Repeat: Bath bombs that look like little cupcakes. They even have a bathtub in the middle of the store FULL of bath bombs. The cuteness is almost too much to handle.

There are little vanities set up with ipads, selfie ring lights, and makeup sponges for you to get your glam on in the store. I MEAN, HOW THOUGHTFUL!?

12 more stores are opening up across the US in the next couple of months, so don't feel left out if you aren't an LA Hunnie. Your time will come SOON. 

Also the Riley Rose website doesn't have online shopping now but the girl who worked there told me it would in the next month or so, so check back in.

I went BACK to Riley Rose today to take some pictures (because when I was there this weekend, I was a shitty blogger and decided to enjoy myself and take it all in) and this is a list of some the cruelty-free brands I saw there that I feel are noteworthy and exciting.

This brand made the rounds on youtube and instagram this summer. It's basically BOMB glitter, in lots of very exciting colors. I put a gob of it in my hair for fun. I didn't buy because I have LOTS of glitter I need to get through before I indulge, but DANG this stuff is gorgeous. And I have never seen it swatchable IRL yet.
(Ps when I got home, my husband said I had "confetti bangs" and I love that phrase. 

This is a B.O.M.B (black-owned makeup brand) that I have seen on social media, but have never been able to swatch IRL until now! They have the CUTEST packaging ever, and lots of fun stuff in their line. I finally got to try their Lip Whips and they are beyond gorg!

OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)
FINALLY I got to try a lip tar- they are vegan and cruelty-free and it's a damn embarrassment that I had never gotten my mitts on one until now- but you can swatch them ALL at Riley Rose. 

I think Pacifica is my new favorite company. Everything is vegan and cruelty-free and smells DAMN DELICIOUS. I have their wake up beautiful sleepover mask, and I really want literally everything they make, especially after I sprayed, creamed, and applied every skincare product they made at Riley Rose. Their packaging and vibe really call to me. 

Winky Lux
Lipsticks in the shape of pills? Yes Please. 

R & Co
The packaging and extensive product line are my VIBE. 

I mean- the GLITTER, honey. Plus, they have some of the best liquid lips in the game.

I am obsessed with their dry shampoo now!

BH Cosmetics
MY FAVE! You can swatch their palettes and liquid lips in store! 

You can swatch EVERY lip and highlighter here, honey. You're home now. 

Weird/Cool Stuff I saw

They had something called "Vivid Tiny Water" that was in tiny little soda jugs, among other cute stuff. 

Body Merry
Never heard of this brand before, but I really thought the packaging and vibe was cute. 

A "Cement peel off pack?" One of the million weird masks I saw (that I want)

Chocolate bars with pop culture icons as dogs on the wrapper

GIANT bags and GIANT syringes of GLITTER. 

This damn TEA MASK had little TEACH POTS all over it. As a tea lady who loves masks, I mean COME ON! THE CUTEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!

A Mustache face mask for your smile lines by TONY MOLY (channel your inner Steven Ray Morris)

A sparkly glitter hair brush with glitter stars floating around in it that says I AM A CATICORN with a unicorn cat on it. I mean, who DOESN'T need this in their life?

Basically, I am going to get re-married just so I can

  1. Register at Riley Rose and
  2. Have my wedding inside of Riley Rose.

I went post work-out with no makeup on and decided to give myself a little mini glitter makeover party in the store.

Bangs- Lemonhead LA glitter
Eyes- Stila
Cheeks- Limecrime mermaid highlighter
Lips- OCC Lip Tar

If you live in LA, I suggest you get your buns to Riley Rose ASAP. Tell em your girl Jackie J sent you!

Oh, and here is my almost 80 dollar 10 minute haul in case you were wondering (I give my full review of my haul on this week's episode of Natch Beaut!)

BAUS Complete pop on nails set

Static Nails all in one pop-on manicure set
Sinners dust 

Lilly lashes

Very cute rainbow Makeup sponge

A new Pop socket