Extra Extra! Exclusive bonus Natch Beaut episode on SPOKE!

Happy Tuesday, my hunnies!

I don't know about you, but I could use some silly fun/some good news today.
You are in LUCK, cause today, you can hear a special bonus episode of Natch Beaut! That's right, a mid-week pick-ya-up courtesy of your favorite loony beauty lover, Jackie J.

I teamed up with Spoke for an exclusive episode of Natch Beaut, and you can listen now! Download the Spoke app (find it in your app store of choice, my Android and Apple hunnies!) or listen here

Spoke is a new audio platform made by SiriusXM that creates podcast playlists to help you find new shows to listen to. The Spoke team handpicks the best moments from tons of podcasts and creates playlists of clips so you can try a bunch of shows out and find something new to love! This app is a MUST HAVE for pod lovers. 

There are some other fab Feral Audio shows with bonus, Spoke-exclusive episodes for you to check out, too. You can get a bonus ep of fan faves such as Sleep With Me and Dumb People Town. I am personally very excited about Podcast: The Ride, since I am such a theme park nut (If you enjoy it, tell them to ask me on! haha.).

I can't even tell you how proud I am of this Natch Beaut episode. It is pure, unapologetic fun. If you need a laugh, I urge you to check it out. I told my producer we might win a Pulitzer. I was kidding, but like, what if we do?


I get laser hair removal done on my bikini area- that is all I am gonna say- but I think you better tune in.

If you're an LA Hunnie, check out Skin & Beauty Center, and tell 'em I sent ya!

And I also urge y'all to check out the Spoke app. I know a lot of hunnies already enjoy Natch Beaut and some of their other favorite pods on Spoke, so this is a great way for everyone to check out the app! 

Let's all remember our self-care today. Hug yourself and your loved ones, and if anyone needs a hug, Chooch is available. 

Cream your neck and keep your FRINGE FRESH!