I am constantly in awe of my dog, Chooch. She lights up every room she enters, she is 100% selfless in every way, and the girl knows how to nap in style.

I have never looked as chic in my life as Chooch does while she naps. She even makes sleep look glamorous!

The only way I know how to be glam while I sleep is with the help of Moonlit Skincare! Specifically, their Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil.

Midnight Shift is an overnight facial oil that reduces wrinkles, replenishes hydration, and smooths uneven skin tone- all while you are ASLEEP!

You probably go to sleep every night feeling dull and tired, but when you wake up you’re energized and radiant. This is exactly what Midnight Shift does, but for your face! Midnight Shift is like the most comfy mattress and most relaxing rest your face could get.

It's all very scientific!

Your Skin, 9 to 11 PM
We start to get tired around 9PM-11PM when our body's natural melatonin is kicking in, enhancing the feeling of tiredness. The lavender scent in Midnight Shift teams up with melatonin's sleepy effect, aiding tension relief and a decrease in heart rate. Nighttime is when the skin's protective barrier weakens, so it is the best time to slather up with some great ingredients to really hydrate up. Jojoba coupled with sunflower oil delivers moisture and locks in hydration throughout the night, plumping up fine lines and wrinkles. Midnight Shift means your face will wake up on the right side of the bed.

Your Skin, 11 PM to 6 AM From 11PM- 6AM, HGH (the Human Growth Hormone) accelerates skin repair and cell regeneration. The ginseng and papaya in Midnight Shift help fuel cell turnover and the creation of fresh skin cells, while grape seed oil delivers a collagen boost during this peak recovery time. I bet you had NO idea that your face was working so hard while you got your beauty sleep!

Chooch Asleep

I have been loving my Midnight Shift Overnight Facial Oil, and although I have not been sharing it with Chooch, I thought I would give her napping poses a try to see if I can look as chic as she does while she sleeps. Chooch is lucky enough to not be restrained by a late night sleep schedule and she decides to sleep whenever she sees fit.

Can I pull off her modeling while napping poses? Keep reading to find out!

Pose 1: Pink blanket poised

Chooch alway looks like she is ready for her fashion photo to be snapped, even when asleep atop a haphazardly strewn blanket on the couch. Can I achieve such photogenic perfection in a similar pose?

Pose 2: Serving up cuteness on the back with coquettish head tilt.

This is one of my new favorite Asleep Chooch pics. She seems to be deep in an amusing dream. Her ears perfectly falling around her in a playful manner. She is truly America’s Next Top Dog Model. Here is my attempt at this moment.

Pose 3: Resting on the leopard with folded editorial arms.

Chooch makes this look easy, but I learned the hard and embarrassing way that modeling is a lot harder than it looks. Even while asleep, I can’t live up to Chooch’s glamorous aesthetic.

Pose 4: Sunlight nap with toy

Chooch is so photogenic sometimes I really can’t handle it. The light hit her perfectly, and I snapped this photo of her in what I call her TBP pose (tiniest ball possible.) I attempted to ball up and look as sunlit and gorgeous as Chooch, but turns out I am a much bigger ball than she is. I will say, though, the lighting on my hair almost looks as good as it does on her fur.

I think the verdict has been reached, and Chooch has me beat when it comes to chic sleeping. However, with my Midnight Shift, I know the glamour is at work and I don’t even have to try. So take that, Chooch!

I hope you learned a lot about my best friend Chooch, her modeling career, and Moonlit Skincare today! Check out all of their lovely nighttime products.

This post was sponsored by Moonlit Skincare, but I wrote it and all opinions are mine.

I did receive free product from the company.