Korean Skincare Revisited with Kulap Vilaysack

Producer, Writer, actor, comedian, natch beaut, and host of the popular Who Charted? podcast Kulap opens up her heart and her makeup bag to the Natch Beaut nation.

We go through her entire 10 step Korean Skincare regimen (including lip masks), take listener questions, and go down Amazon's most purchased beauty items chart- and oh honey is it full of surprises.


A Note Before We Begin on Cruelty-Free K Beauty for my bunny lovin' hunnies:

Korea is done with animal testing! As of 2018, it is banned country-wide. However, just like with our American companies, the same rules apply regarding sales in Mainland China. Some of Kulap's brands do sell in China.

I marked the cruelty-free products below with an asterisk (*).

Here is a great updated cruelty-free list of K-Beauty!

And here is an article from Kulap's favorite site, Sokoglam, with helpful resources as well. 

Kulap's 10-Step Korean Skin Routine

She uses Sokoglam.com but these are mainly Amazon links cause I'm about that Prime life.

Other Things Mentioned this ep

Jackie likes the Up and Up pore strips from Target

Kulap wears this headband when doing her skincare regimen. 

Jackie loves her Tassi hair wrap for hers!

Check out Cameron Esposito's awesome podcast Queery on Feral Audio (and yes, she is coming on Natch Beaut soon!)


Since we recorded this ep, Amazon's best sellers have drastically changed! Here is today's top list.

Stand-Outs from our charts worth checking out:

Organys Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum

Wunderbrow Perfect Eyebrows

Organic Castor Oil

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