The LA Natch Beaut meet up was EVERYTHING!


I am so happy to announce that my second attempt at a meet-up was yet again a success. 

I'm always so nervous that no one is gonna come, especially in LA which is the land of flakiness. But I was very mistaken!

I had hunnies come from all over the LA metroplex, and even one from TEXAS! 

Everyone was so fun and cool. I made some new best friends!

And yes, Chooch was there as well. I always talk about how amazing Chooch is, so it was really important to me that she come so that I can get more people to try and understand what I'm talking about. She is truly a tiny little poochie angel.

Thank you to all the hunnies who came out. My cold grinch heart has swelled 3 times its size just in time for Christmas. And if you live in the Southern California area and missed it, perhaps we will throw another one in 2018.

If I ever go anywhere else, you better believe I will be announcing a meet up. I wanna meet ALL THE HUNNIES, Honey!

Here are some pictures of the event. Each hunnie I met was more snatched than the next. I am truly in awe of y'all's beauty and talent!

There were also several poochies there and they were equally glamorous/cute.

My favorite quote of the day came from Maggie.

I didn’t even know what highlighter was ‘til Natch Beaut.
— Hunnie Maggie

My work here is done.