I went to Beauty Con so you didn't have to

Beauty Con was in LA with weekend and ya Girl Jackie J went to get the scoop on all things beauty! 

Beauty Con is a big festival-style event where YouTube beauty gurus, makeup artists, and cosmetic brands come together in one room, and lots of makeup junkies gather to stare at them and shop. 

To sum it up, it was crazy; if I'm being honest, it was essentially droves of 12 year olds in blinding highlight walking around with their moms and taking selfies on the many art installations. It also got very crowded, but it wasn't too overwhelming for me because I avoided most of the big displays because those brands test on animals.

Lime Crime Nails

In Camel

But I did manage to take away what I consider to be the heart and highlights of the entire event and have prepared a brief synopsis for y'all in this post. 

To prepare, I stuck on some of Limecrime's new pop on nails in the color camel. I couldn't go to Beauty con with my stubby, natch nails. 

I went with Natch Beaut guest and friend Stephanie Beatriz, who let me lead, and we got some great face time in with some of my favorite cruelty-free brands.

The Brands I Chatted With

Wet n Wild

I bought the Midnight Mermaid collection, as well as showed several of the Brand reps the photos of all the hunnies wearing liquid catsuit that I have collected over the months. They didn't seem impressed, but it was still cool to let them know I exist. 

I will do a separate post about the mermaid collection soon, so be on the lookout for that.

BH Cosmetics

I love BH Cosmetics so much! They are so sweet and I tried a ton of their products. Stephanie bought a few lips, the Spotlight 6 Color Highlighter  and the Backlight highlight palette.

I already have all of their liquid lips, and I got to thank them for that gift! I also bought some loose glitters that I'm planning on using in my hair- that will also be an upcoming blog.

Yes To

I got to show the Yes To girls how much the Hunnies have embraced this cruelty-free, drugstore brand! They told me that leaping bunny makes them renew their emblem every year with extensive tests and research, and they are very proud to remain cruelty free year after year.
They are jumping on the charcoal trend and have a Yes To tomato charcoal micellar water that is new, along with an entire charcoal line. 

LA Girl

LA Girl is such a great brand at an insanely affordable price! Stephanie and I tried lots of their new stuff and loved it all. We got to try all the new shades of their amazing fineline eyeliner and this stuff is truly magical. The lines are the finest lines I've ever seen by an eyeliner pencil! I wish it came in a light brown cause it would be amazing for brows

You can get the original black fineline at Ulta!

I am also obsessed with LA Girl's concealer
and LA Girl's foundation, both also available at Ulta. The price is so goooooooood!

Some new Brands I met that I am now obsessed with

The Creme Shop

The Creme Shop is cruelty-free,  LA based company that manufactures in Korea.

I bought several of their human hair eyelashes that are only 3 dollars a pair!
Some are very glam, and some are more natch, but they are all very fluttery.

The women who supply the hair for the lashes are employed to grow their hair. If only I had strong enough hair to be hired for that job.

They also sell a ton of sheet masks that cost 3 to 4 dollars each. I bought a ton of them!

The Vamp Stamp!

The Vamp Stamp is a stamp to achieve the perfect winged eyeliner. This is a women owned company!
There are three sizes, depending on your wing preference. I bought the medium and to say I am obsessed is an understatement. 

Seriously, how did I not have this in my life until now? How many hours I have spent slowly attempting and failing at symmetrical wings? How many hours have I spent correcting uneven wings!? I feel liberated after buying the vamp stamp. 

Everyone needs this!

Y'all have emailed me and tagged me in this for months and I was being a cheap ass bitch, but seeing is believing. This is a must have product if you are a winged eyeliner hunnie and it's worth the price. 

Pinky Rose Cosmetics

Pinky Rose Cosmetics  is a California based company owned by the Huerta sisters (their pic is on their website, they are so cute!)
If you are a packaging obsessed hunnie or a collector of all things royal and cute, their lip glosses have little gold crowns on top and they are so stunning!
Stephanie bought one.

If you are a glitter obsessed hunnie, You HAVE TO get one of their glitter palettes
They have a bright colors one called the HYPNOTIZE II - TREASURE PALETTE- on sale right now for 32.99 on their site.

I saw these in action in person. They are so beyond pigmented, beautiful, and it does NOT come off once you press it onto their smackdown glue- formulated to go with the glitter to seal it on your face. 

They also have two brick and mortar stores, one in Sacramento and one in Elk Grove if you happen to be a California hunnie.

I hope y'all enjoyed this Beauty Con scoop. There were also lots of Beautubers and influencers doing various panels and tutorials, but I was too busy trying to get Wet N Wild to notice me to hear any of that.

If you go to Beauty Con next year, look out for ya girl Jackie J, cause I will for sure be going back!