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Youtuber JKissa jumped out of Jackie's TV and into the studio to answer all of the questions we've been wanting to ask IRL. She shares with us the inner-workings of a hit Youtube channel, how to get on the radar of your favorite brands, where the inspiration for her colorful makeup comes from, and how to get perfectly fluffy, yet shapely eyebrows. And so much more, honey!

I am happy to say that because of my angel of a guest, everything on this episode guide is CRUELTY-FREE! 

You can still be a baddie and wear CF makeup.

Here are the brands JKissa mentioned as being newly Cruelty-Free

pixi Glow Tonic

pixi Glow Tonic

Chinese Sephora link to see which brands sell there

Logical Harmony for the best scoop on the CF status of brands
@logicalharmony on Insta and twitter

Pixi glow tonic 

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