Cocaine Scent with Edwin Monzon Episode Guide

Professional makeup artist and Natch Beaut Hunnie Edwin Monson shares his journey up the ranks of retail, and answers these burning beauty questions: What’s the red lipstick so perfect that Madonna herself rocks it? What is tight-lining is and why do we need to do it? How do you make your under eye area look like a teen when you are 33? And how to get the flawless, ageless skin of Angela Bassett.

Everything on this product list today (except the Sephora brand lip paint and the Tom Ford Fragrance) is CRUELTY-FREE!

Edwin’s skincare bag 

And upon further research of this, Tom Ford’s cocaine scent is Tuscan Leather
He apparently also has one that smells like "a man's crotch." 😳 (There's a bug-eyed emoji there for you who can't see it) 

Jackie, the Chooch, and Edwin