The Five dollar cat eye with Alison Rosen Episode Guide

The podcast pro and author of “Tropical Attire Encouraged and other phrases that scare me” Alison Rosen sits down to hear all about laser hair removal and Jackie’s new cat eyeliner technique that only costs 5 dollars. Then, royal wedding gab (did Meghan Markle tight line!?) brings up wedding memories about do’s, don’ts, and dramas. The episode guide has it all for you, honey!

Here is everything we discussed!

Also, as a side note, after recording I really zoomed in on Meghan Markle's makeup lewk. She did indeed have on a lash (very natural) and a lip (very pale pink which I would classify as a "your lip color but better" shade) and she did NOT tight line. I just want to further clarify that I am HERE for this. Her skin is so stunning, her freckles are special and important, and her complexion is the star of this look! For your wedding, that is a beautiful, youthful statement. 

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