Natch Beaut Products of the Week!

Today is my first ever Natch Beaut Products of the Week! 

Are you PUMPED?!

Because I often record the podcast a few weeks in advance, I don't always get to keep y'all updated on the beauty and skincare products I am currently very hyped on. So this is where I will be gabbing out the products I have especially been loving this week and have been using non stop. 

Jackie's favorite beauty products for the week of August 13, 2018.

Jackie's favorite beauty products for the week of August 13, 2018.

First up is the Evolue Skincare Age perfect eye cream. Alysia Reiner actually gave me this right from her own makeup bag when we met to record last week’s Natch Beaut! So it has extra powerful actress goddess powers. I’ve been loving the results so far and I’ve only been using it two weeks. My under eye has been very hydrated and looking especially cute. 

Next up is my beloved Liquid IV! This has been a stressful week (retrograde, much?) and I tend to get busy and forget to hydrate. I found Liquid IV when they reached out about sponsoring the show and I fell in love. It's an electrolyte drink mix that makes your glass of water hydrate 2-3 times faster and more efficiently, and it also tastes very yummy. I have always been so bad about drinking water and adding a little flavor to it makes me actually want to drink it. This is a hydration crash course.  And honey, the new passion fruit flavor is the star of the show. Code NATCH will get you 20% off your order from their site

Then we have the Hurraw lip balm. Y'all know I am a lip balm conspiracy theorist and don't really use them much. But I just put this on before bed every night. The scent is unreal (I’m an almond Stan) and my lips love it. I have had no lip flakes all summer. Plus it's vegan and it comes in lots of other scents too! 

Then there’s the Osea Malibu sea minerals mist. Not much to say other than I’m obsessed and carry this with my everywhere. It's the perfect mist to replenish, refresh, and recharge with during the summer heat and dryness. Plus, in between skin care steps, it helps prep your face to absorb all of your other products better. I recently recorded a Natch episode with the founder and CEO of Osea (who also happen to be a mother/daughter team) and it's gonna change your life! 

This Amara organics serum is my serum du jour and I’m loving my skin lately. It's gentle yet effective. Plus it's natural, has organic ingredients, cruelty-free and made in the USA!

And this lash love lash serum is truly making new hairs sprout out of my bald brow patches (I investigate closely every day!) This is a true indie brand which I love. It's made with organic castor and hemp oil, which I have always heard will magically make brows and lashes grow. Now I believe the hype! 

Tune in next week to see if any of these babies stay in the top spot! 

Jackie looking kewt with her favorite products for the week of August 13, 2018.

Jackie looking kewt with her favorite products for the week of August 13, 2018.