Jackie's Products of the week!

Hey hunnies!

I am off to New York city for Indie Beauty Expo, podcast appearances, and most importantly, the NY hunnies meet up! But what a dang week I had. Lots of stress, Retrograde BS, and last minute attempts to look cute for my travels. These are the must have products I am shouting out this week.



Overtone Deep Treatment

I can't imagine how different my life would've been if I had this product growing up as a color-treated teen! Overtone is pigmented conditioner that keeps your hair color longer and redeposits pigment if you're due for a coloring. My shade is vibrant orange (they have a TON of shades) and using this weekly mask makes it look like I just stepped out of the salon way past my color's prime. I love it! Note to the hunnies: Overtone only works on color-treated hair. It redeposits pigment, so if you have virgin hair, it won't work for you. This is a must-have product for multi-colored, unicorn, bright haired, or color-treated hunnies! 


Joon Saffron Hair Elixir

I met Shiva and Kayvon, the brother and sister team behind this incredible product, at Indie Beauty Expo LA. The bottle, scent, and the product itself are stunning (you can see the little saffron sprigs at the bottom- this is what I call a show piece!) but also, my hair drinks it up! On a day when I know I'm either gonna rock a top knot or am due for a wash, I sleep with my ends soaked in Joon Saffron Hair Elixir. I wake up and my hair isn't oily at all, cause my hair drank it ALL UP. I have seen major changes in my dry ends with this beautiful oil. This is also a Houston based company which is an added bonus, cause I love to support my home state's indie brands. Find Joon Saffron Hair Elixir here.


Be Tru Wellness Soul oral spray 

I am obsessed with Be Tru Wellness oral spray so hard. First off, I got rear-ended this week which suuuuucked. My back and neck were in immediate pain. I busted out my Soul oral spray and it eased my pain/mind so well. I use it for my carpal tunnel pain, cramps, and general body/mind grumpiness. It is an herbal blend formulated with hemp/CBD. To be clear, this has no psychoactive effect but is a cannabis product. It's just an herbal solution for pain relief/mood/focus. I find it really relaxes my brain! Read more about it on their very helpful website!

And if you happen to be a SoCal/Bay area hunnie, you can get this product delivered through Eaze, a marijuana delivery service, which is how I discovered it! This company rocks- they love women owned brands, have very high standards in terms of product, are easy to communicate with if you need any help or recs, and always have great deals! 

Use my link to get 20 dollars off your first delivery, and I get 20 dollars too! 


Florapy floral therapy sheet mask

I met the Florapy ladies at IBE Dallas last year (what can I say? I I love me an indie brand!) Women-owned as well as innovative and chic. If you love a wet sheet mask, look no further- their masks are not made of paper, but instead coconut husks! So they're ultra hydrating and you will get major use out of one. They are also aromatherapy-based, so after my fender bender I got home, popped on the stress relief mask, layed back and just said Jesus, take the wheel. Nothing is more soothing (they also have an energy one, hydrating one, sleep one- they got you covered.) These are the ultimate face mask for just relaxing or taking a minute (or an hour) for yourself. 

You can get them on Amazonthe Florapy site, or Blue Mercury.

I am having so much fun gushing about my recent faves! Thanks for checking them out and I will see y'all next week!

Jackie masking alongside her favorite products for the week of August 20, 2018.

Jackie masking alongside her favorite products for the week of August 20, 2018.