Feminasty Beauty with Erin Gibson

If we could all be friends and not see each other as competition we could take over the world!

We get Feminasty today on Natch Beaut with podcast host and author, Erin Gibson! We talk female-owned beauty brands, because we want women to be the ones getting rich off of other women!

Plus, friendship, potted plants, and pot!

For info on Erin’s book and upcoming book tour, visit www.feminasty.com! Here is everything we discussed on today's episode.


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Veronica's holiday card. Photos taken won't be this elaborate, but it's nice to know what her camera can do :)

Veronica's holiday card. Photos taken won't be this elaborate, but it's nice to know what her camera can do :)


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OM edibles

All female run collective 

Whoopi Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth, the founder of Om Edibles



Solventless Hash Cones



THE FIRST EVER wine shop selling only wine made from female wine makers from around the world in Los Angeles 

Female-Owned Beauty Brands


Ways to search companies and their independent status:

My apartment therapy article DID come out and here it is!

The Sill: Indoor potted plants delivered to your door

Sunset Nursery

Order Erin’s book, check her tour dates, and all other Feminasty info.

Erin Gibson, writer of Feminasty.

Erin Gibson, writer of Feminasty.

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