Sensitive Skin 2018 Faves with Deanna Rooney episode guide

It’s fun to geek out and try stuff! 

Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Gauntlet actress Deanna Rooney is a sensitive skinned hunnie here to share her favorite products of 2018, along with the duds and ones she wants to replace with cruelty-free versions.

Plus, how to hack your mint julep mask, self-care New Year’s resolutions, and a razor haircutting technique! 

Here’s everything we mentioned in this episode!

Actress Deanna Rooney

Actress Deanna Rooney

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January 23rd


California Market Center

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Friday, January 11, 2018

The episode is called “You’ve Got a Girlfriend”

Deanna’s NOs of 2018

Help Deanna with a CF dupe for these!

Holly Seidel, hair stylist doing cool razor cuts in LA

Moonstone studio in Echo Park

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the gauntlet on Netflix

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