Raw Spirit Fragrances with Eliza Skinner episode guide

You wear what you wear for yourself! 

Get ready to be a huge fan of comedian, writer, and podcast host Eliza Skinner. She tells us all about her sleep hygiene and bad kid treats before diving into the Raw Spirit Fragrances Discovery set. With such descriptions such as “A house with a witch in it,” “someone else’s mom trying to get you in line,” “berries that are out to play,” and “classy backpacker,” come along on this fragrance discovery journey!

We also choose songs to pair with the scents to tie in Eliza’s podcast, Cool Playlist. Here is everything we mentioned in the episode, as well as the songs we chose to go with each scent.

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Raw Spirit Fragrances Mystic Pearl-

Songs for Mystic Pearl-

  • Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down

  • Linda Ronstadt - Silver Threads And Golden Needles

Raw Spirit Fragrances Winter Oak

Songs for Winter Oak-

  • Bon Iver - 33 "GOD"

  • Beck- Morning

Raw Spirit Fragrance Desert Blush

Songs for Desert Blush-

  • Lisa Loeb- Sandalwood

  • Cher- Believe

Raw Spirit Citadelle

Raw Spirit Midnight Pearl

Songs for Midnight Pearl-

  • Vitamin C- Smile

  • Spice Girls- 2 become 1

Raw Spirit Wild Fire

Songs for Wild Fire

  • Sturgill Simpson- Two Princes (cover)

  • Hozier- Take me to Church

Raw Spirit Bijou Vert

Songs for Bijou Vert

  • 311- Amber

  • Terence Trent D'Arby- Wishing Well

Raw Spirit- Summer Rain

Songs for Summer Rain-

  • Hanson- MMMbop

  • Trisha Yearwood- She’s in Love with the Boy

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