Happy Earth Day from Osea Malibu! My faves from this Earth-Friendly Chic brand

Hunnies! It's Earth Day! I am all about eco-living and looking cute, and one of my favorite skincare brands, Osea Malibu, feels the same way.

When I first discovered Osea Malibu, I instantly fell in love with what the company is about. Osea believes that safe cosmetics are a consumer's right and our earth’s rightful due! 

Osea believes that natural, non-toxic skincare is vital for long-term health, beauty, and radiance. That's why their products are powered by bioavailable skin superfoods so effective they eliminate the need for harmful synthetic ingredients entirely. All of the formulations are lightweight, clean, and chic! 

My favorite thing I've learned about Osea is their eco-responsible sourcing. Since it's Earth Day, here is just a brief example of what I mean straight from the Osea website. 

Many companies pollute the ocean by venturing out on diesel-powered ships to harvest seaweed using invasive methods that damage marine life and the ocean floor. OSEA’s seaweed is eco-responsibly hand-foraged as it naturally makes its way into the shallow waters of the pristine Patagonian shore.
— Osea Malibu

I freakin love the Osea website. It breaks down every ingredient and why it's in there, and also every product has a break down of the benefits. So you can easily discover which products will be right for you. And also, will make you want everything. 

To help celebrate Earth day, Osea has offered to give the hunnies a special gift! By clicking from this Natch Blog, you will get a free 1 ounce Ocean Cleanser with your qualifying order over $75. It'll be perfect for looking cute and feeling fab while traveling. 

It was hard to narrow it down, but here are some of my favorite Osea Malibu products.

Osea Malibu advanced protection creme

This is the most bougie and luxurious moisturizer I own, and I grab it first always. A tiny amount will lube up your whole face and neck (CREAM THAT NECK!) and I wake up hydrated every day! This is one of the top sold products Osea has, and dare I make this bold claim: It's my fave Osea product! 

Sea Minerals Mist

This is my second favorite Osea product, cause you know Momma loves a misting moment. This mist delivers immediate hydration and prepares skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. You can spray this mist in between each step of your skincare to help everything absorb! It's genius. It's also full of nothing but goodies your skin will drink up and love. This is also a great mist for someone who is over floral-scented mists. This just smells downright fresh! 

Osea Ocean cleanser

This smells EXACTLY like Lime skittles. I wash my face with this every morning, and night if I didn't wear makeup that day. It's so soothing and glamorous. I love it! No wonder it is one Osea's top sellers.

White Algae Mask

This mask plumps you UP, honey. If you are feeling dull and want a brighter, plumper and smoother mug, pop this on! It's also fun to mix with the Vitamin C probiotic face polish for a deep exfoliation moment and to up the brightening even more.

Vitamin C Probiotic Face Polish

This is a powdered exfoliant that will up the vibrancy of your skin. This is one of Osea's most inventive products. It combines pure Vitamin C with vegan probiotics, and the results are multiple: reduces the look of hyperpigmentation, smoothes, brightens your complexion, removes surface build-up, buffs away dull skin. It's potent, it's powerful, and it's hands-down one of my FAVES! 

Jackie getting creative with Osea masks.

Jackie getting creative with Osea masks.

Jackie making an O on her face for Osea.

Jackie making an O on her face for Osea.

Black Algae Flash Mask

This mask is so fun. For one, I love to create Osea mask face art with it. Two, the benefits are plentiful. It detoxes, exfoliates, reduces surface impurities, replenishes moisture, and leaves you glowing! For real, you will be red after this mask in the best way. This is not recommended for sensitive skinned hunnies, but if you're like me and your face can handle a real wild ride, this is the Osea mask for you. 

There are so many more Osea Malibu products I have yet to try (I see you, Atmosphere protection cream!), so whatever you end up getting, you better let me know what ends up being your fave. I love Osea, not only for what they represent (woman owned, family operated, indie, vegan, organic, and all natural- they tick every box, honey!) but also for how luxurious, powerful, yet gentle their products are! 

And don't forget, you will get a free 1 ounce Ocean Cleanser to your qualifying order over $75 if you click any Osea link from this blog.

Let's spread the love and the seaweed today!  
Happy Earth Day from Jackie J and Osea Malibu!