The September 2000 Britney Issue of YM with Teen Creeps Episode Guide

We are ending 2017 with a special Teen Creeps crossover! On their podcast, they review YA novels, so we decided to get literary by roasting the September 2000 issue of YM with living legend Britney Spears on the cover (in a bathtub filled with diamonds.) With articles like “Zap Zits While You Sleep” and ads for Feria hair color streaks, CK One, and Bonnie Bell, you will learn if you are too flirty with boys, how to get sexy glossy eyes, and if 17 year old eyeshadow samples will help you achieve “FernGully chic.”Happy new year, hunnies! 

Follow along with us! If you wanna see what we are talking about, here are some of the pages of the magazine.

Here are all of the products we discussed. CF Ones will have an asterisk (*)

Makeup sticks of 2017

You get the damn idea- MILK HAS A LOT OF STICKS.

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