Jackie's Comments on the State of Feral Audio

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Three definite truths you should know about Jackie J:

  1. I am never late.
  2. When someone invites me to a theme party, I go HARD with the theme.
  3. I 100% believe and support all women that come forward with stories of assault and abuse.

Perhaps you have heard about what's going on, and perhaps you haven't. Long story short, Feral Audio, aka the podcast network that is home to Natch Beaut, is ending. The founder is a complicated guy and turns out, an abuser. He is ending the network he founded on his own terms as he seeks treatment and he is taking the Feral name with him.

I applaud Abby for releasing her statement. Thank you, Abby. Momma Jackie has your back always. And thank you to all victims who come forward to share their stories with us. You have no idea the bearing your statements have on us all and the positive changes you provoke. I also send my hugs to all victims out there who have chosen to not come forward. I know how hard it all is. Momma Jackie loves you and supports you, too.

This was a crazy Christmas break for me. While in Dallas to spend time with my family, my husband and I got a stomach virus and spent two days throwing up. Now Chooch is sick from traveling/getting fed foreign holiday foods from various babies and children. The assault stories are also particularly painful and hard for me to process and discuss. And lastly, my podcast, which means the world to me, has a question mark at the end of it. To a control freak like me, that is terrifying!

But this message is to assure everyone that Natch Beaut has no question mark at the end. We are going NOWHERE, HONEY. Like a cockroach in the apocalypse, I don't die- I just evolve.

Stay tuned for an even stronger and more snatched Natch Beaut in 2018. I have LOTS to say and just ordered a new eye cream on Amazon, so BUCKLE UP.

And more exciting announcements coming soon.


Ya Girl Jackie J