Burgundy Eye Look with Molls

Here is the product guide for Episode 8 of Natch Beaut with the infamous MOLLS! 

Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette

Kylie Cosmetics Peach Palette

Molls's Hair flat iron from Drag Con

Eye makeup stencils 

I CANNOT find the ones I have been seeing all over Facebook, so I am gonna lose my mind until I do. If/When I do, I will put the link here! They are white stickers you put on your eyelids that have a thick cat eye pattern, that you stick on your eye, color over with liner/powder, then take off to reveal the perfect cat eye! WHERE ARE THESE MYTHICAL STICKERS I DREAMT UP!?

This is my current go-to palette. The burgundy/red/pinky/sunset eye look is huge right now and there are a ton of palettes with this color story. This one is not too intimidating in size and the white and brown shades are still utilitarian enough that you can use this palette every day even if you want to do a neutral/understated look.

Diamond Crushers

All of them as well as all of the Lime Crime lip colors are avail on Amazon Prime! 

Feral cosmetics on amazon

A very cool, very indie up and coming beauty brand owned by women of color! Lots of beautiful lipsticks including sticks and matte liquid lips. I can attest that the liquid lip lasts ALL DAY. 

Indi and Ary

Another cruelty free indie brand owned by Women of color! I met them at several vegan events in LA and I love their lipsticks and lose pigments- I bought so many!

Kiehl's cilantro and orange mask

I used to be super into Kiehl's but new research shows me that they test on animals and I can no longer indulge. 

Up and Up pore strips

These are the ones I am currently using. They have bad reviews so I am gonna rethink this myself! I think they are good, but perhaps I will get some charcoal ones now. I am a sucker for reviews! 

Bruno Mars proposal video

They did NOT get divorced and are goin' strong! No update however if they are still friends with the girl in the red dress. 



What products from this episode are you most excited to try/intrigued by? 

Did the proposal video make YOU cry your lashes off?

Have you used eye makeup stencils and if so, can you give me a link? I am going insane! 

Tell me in the comments, honey. Let's get a convo started!