Gifts for Dads, Grads, or yourSELF, honey.

Summer is offish here and my favorite way to enjoy this sunny weather? Stay inside and order things off of Amazon, of course!

Here are some of my favorite items of the month (that I bought online and have been loving), as well as some gift ideas for your Pops/Husband/Lover/Baby Daddy for Father's Day, or any recent Grad going off to school or officially entering adulthood.

For your Damn Self 

The Venus Grunge Palette from LimeCrime
I just discussed this palette on last week's episode of Natch Beaut. It has become my everyday look! There are brown shades as well as a great staple white shade that can be used for more subtle, neutral looks, but it's also really fun to play with the reds and pinks. The shimmery pink shade is pretty much my life at this point.

The shadows are so insanely pigmented that you barely tap your brush and get a ton of color payoff, so although the pans are small, you get a lot of bang. Plus this is all vegan and cruelty-free.

The burgundy/red/pink eye look is huge right now, and there are TONS of palettes arriving every day with this story (the AHB modern renaissance palette, the Huda Rose Gold palette, etc) and this one is 34.00 and in my humble opinion, a more frugal way to achieve the same look or experiment before pulling the trigger on one of the mondo palettes. 

For a Grad/Your Damn Self

Acrylic Makeup Organizer by MelodySusie
As my makeup collection (hoard) grows with every episode of Natch Beaut, I found myself wanting those acrylic makeup holders that I see all of the Baddies on instagram using. So of course I took to Amazon first and found this gem.

The price is on point, and you get a lot for your money! There are several different combinations on how to set it up, so even with no space (if you live in a tiny place like me) you can find a way that works for you.

Plus, this would make a dorm room look real cuuuuuuuuuute. 

For Dad/A Grad/Your Damn Self 

Scrub Daddy Sponges
Father's Day is coming up fast, and honestly, every dad would love a Scrub Daddy. They are the utilitarian sponge you never knew you needed until you got one. I give a pack of these to everyone I know for every occasion.

They don't stink or get gross like other sponges, they get hard/soft depending on the water temperature to scrub your pans or softly clean delicate glasses. You can clean silverware in his little smiley mouth- and they last for months. I love them so much! 

This would be a great gift for the dorm room, or a college grad moving into their first apartment on their own. America would be a happier place if every sink had a Scrub Daddy next to it. 

For Dad/A Grad/Your Damn Self

Zest Energy Tea
Dads are notoriously over worked and tired!
This is the perfect tea for tea lovers, coffee lovers, or perhaps a couple that enjoys one of each.

Each tea bag has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee! It'll perk ya up in the morning for sure. This would also make a great gift for Dad/a grad. Everyone needs caffeine to study (party). 

The apple cinnamon flavor is my JAM, BAYBEEEE!!

For Dad/A Grad/Your Damn Self

10 foot Iphone Charger cord
If you're like me, then your 63 year old dad loves scrolling Facebook and watching UFO videos on Youtube on his iPhone pretty much more than anything else. Now he can do so, and charge up at the same time from the comfort of his couch/bed/deck with this insanely long charge chord.

The college kids will love this too for obvious reasons (what's with kids and their phones? They LOVE EM). This is truly a staple every home needs, as having one of these changed my life and improved my marriage. 

This model currently works with the iPhone, even after the iOS update (sometimes they update the software to reject third party chords, which is SO rude. But this one works like a charm, honey.)

For a Dad/A Grad/Your Damn Self

The Spoonk Acupressure Mat
Besides the Scrub Daddy, the Spoonk might be my favorite daily household item I have. It claims to Improve circulation, boost energy, relieve back, neck, hip and joint pain, induce deeper sleep, and relieve muscle tension.

Those are things every dad and grad needs help with!


The Ultimate Eyelash hack
A member of the Hunnies (The Natch Beaut audience) emailed me and gave me a hot tip about wearing false eyelashes. I love the look, but hate the hassle and can never quite get them on right.

She said to cut the lash strips in HALF, and just pop the outer half on the eye. It creates a cat eye effect with none of the hassle of a strip.

And honey, she was RIGHT.

This hack changed my life. I have been popping a piece of lashes on my outer eye almost every day since she told me this.
Get you a pair of semi-natural lashes (try to just go a little longer than your real lashes, so that they blend easy with the rest of your lashes) and cut em in half, then pop them on after you do your eye makeup and mascara. 


You gotta buy lash glue also, though. 
I recommend Duo lash glue, which is considered the industry standard. It comes in clear or black, depending on your needs!

Happy shopping, whoever it may be for!



Have any recos? Share in the comments below!