Natch Beaut with Steven Ray Morris Episode Guide

Here is everything Steven and Jackie discussed on today's episode of Natch Beaut! Lots of great gift ideas for your Pops or the various men in your life. For once, you might walk away from an episode on Natch Beaut without buying anything for yourself! 

Steven's entire grooming regimen straight from his email:


  • head and shoulders 2 and 1 classic clean
  • Clean & clear facial cleaner morning burst and night relaxing (but it really)
  • Biore charcol deep pore cleanser & chsrcol acne scrub
  • Colgate optic white radiant & Colgate enamel health toothpaste
  • Dial pump body wash complete refreshness (usually use Irish spring)

Kalamazoo beard and facial wash


Used to use olay complete spf 15, but now using neutrogena spf 15

Florapy sunflower lemon mask I gave him to try:

Florapy also has a pack of masks available on Amazon for a slightly discounted price.

Vintage safety razor from Ebay

Bevel pre-shave oil



Here's an entire Bevel Shave kit- Great for a dad, grad, or the Steven Ray Morris in your life. (And it's on SALE!)



Synthetic shave brush


Boar hair shave brush (Obviously not vegan)


Cremo shave cream - sandalwood


Steven's FAVORITE- Taylor of Old Bond Street

After shave  


Beard Balm by Craftsman Soap Company

More  cool products from Craftsman Soap Company, for DUDES!


Mustache comb Switch blade (gifted by a Murderino)



Burts bees


BURBERRY for Men Eau de Toilette


Jaguar EDT - green (Steven's around-the-house scent)
My husband wears this and I can vouch that it smells delish.


Tresemme tres two hairspray 4 hold and SUPER CUTS!


Can of arrid extra extra dry

I gave Steven a Mango shampoo and conditioner by Desert Essence

This is a great cruelty-free drugstore brand with lots of products in their line. I bought myself the Ginger and Green Apple and have been loving it. No dandruff yet after ditching the evil Head and Shoulders.

I will also say the Italian Red Grape smells like HEAVEN.


The other product line I told him about is Yes, To! They are another cruelty-free drugstore/Target brand with a ton of yummy stuff to check out if you or your man want to switch to a cruelty-free regimen. Lots of different fruit/veggie scents to choose from. 


My Makeup wipe du jour:

If y'all buy anything from this episode that we discussed, please tweet or snap me pics cause I love to hear about your discoveries!
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