Natch Beaut Episode 13 with Lilan Bowden Episode Guide

Whats up my beauts!? 

This episode of Natch Beaut was so fun for me, because Lilan is a complete delight of a human. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know her, as well as took advantage of this rare opportunity of a curse word-free episode and listened along with your kids or grandmother. 

Check out Lilan as Bex on Andi Mack on the Disney Channel! 

The only real products we discussed this episode are Lilan's favorite products from Origins, formulated by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Origins is also sold at Ulta.

Below is the quiz we did out of the August 2000 edition of YM Magazine. I am going to start posting the quizzes based off of listener requests. So you can take them with us!

And if anyone out there happens to have old YM, Teen, Sassy, Seventeen, or Teen People magazines in their attic, please send them to ya girl Jackie J for future guests to take! You can send them to me at 

Natch Beaut
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Los Angeles CA 90029

I am also posting the quiz I did with Stephanie Beatriz from last episode, in case you wanna do that one with us, too.

Lilan's Quiz

Click to make the quiz bigger.


Stephanie's Quiz

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Click the quiz to make it MORE DRAMATIC.

Click the quiz to make it MORE DRAMATIC.

Let me know how you did! Comment with your results below.