Celebrate Summer with a Foreo sale! TODAY ONLY, HONEY!

It's official- Summer is here. Remember to sunscreen your neck, dry shampoo your fringe, and cue up "Thong Song" by Sisqo. 

Foreo, my favorite way to cleanse my face, is celebrating summer by offering 21 percent off, SITEWIDE, today only! 

It's so easy, babe. Just type FOREO21off at checkout. Enjoy!

And click from the Natch Beaut website so they know ya girl Jackie J sent ya.

Here are all the deets one more time:

Foreo Summer Sale - July 6th

Save 21% off Sitewide for one day only!

Offer is valid on July 6th only.

Code: FOREO21off


They come in different colors, but obvi I pick PANK! This is the Foreo Luna 2, the smaller and slightly less expensive version of the original that I have, in PANK!


I know it can be expensive to buy skin stuff, but think of it as an investment in your face, which is like everything you have in life. 

Foreo has a smaller option, the Foreo Play, but I don't recommend this option. Once the battery is dead, it's dead for life! You have to send the unit back in and they send you a coupon for a new one. Psh.... 


Just invest in the Mini- it will be a much better option long-term. Your whole household can use it and with all your faces lookin snatched, it'll pay for itself!

Why do I love my Foreo?

1. It's sort of like using an electric toothbrush after years of using a regular one. I didn't know my face was capable of feeling THIS DANG CLEAN. Afterwards your face feels as clean and soft as a baby's cheek (either set of cheeks apply)!
2. Any cleanser you love can be used with it (as long as it isn't a gritty one- the grit can mess up the Foreo's scrubby surface. Go hands-on with scrubs, but liquid or bar cleansers have the dynamic chemistry with the Foreo that Felicity has with Ben (TEAM BEN!). 
2. I've had mine for almost two years and I have had to charge it only TWICE.
3. The silicon casing doesn't harbor bacteria, so everyone in the house can share it and it won't be weird or gross. 
4. There are multiple settings, and you can figure out what works best for your skin. The full-sized Foreo Luna has a serum setting that pulsates very slow but deep, that claims to help your serums absorb deeper and better.
5. Most importantly, it's PANK!

The love of my life.

After Chooch. And my husband.


And now a note from your friendly Webmaster

Hi, Hunnies. I had to chime in on the Foreo, because I'm an OG user and the one who got Jackie hooked.

After three and a half years of gently pulsing my face with the Luna, I glow like one of those glowing fish at the aquarium supply store (I think they're called Neon Tetras?).

Anyway, I've for-serious only charged the thing four times in those years, and it still works like a dream. I had a baby who wrecked my skin (to be fair, it was awful to begin with) giving me all sorts of fun blackheads and breakouts. And two-plus years of not sleeping through the night wrinkled me like a raison--or at least it should have. Jackie swears I look younger now after Baby #2 than I did pre-Baby #1. And Baby #2 is only three months old, so I should be looking like a corpse right now, but my face looks like that beautiful baby's perfectly smooth butt.

Lucky you. Not many people get to see my Fore-O face.

Lucky you. Not many people get to see my Fore-O face.

I have the original one and I use it at night only. I also don't use it on the highest setting; for me, that was a game changer. I thought the fastest speed was money, but my sensitive post-baby-birthing-pre-baby-butt-textured face liked it a bit slower. For real, try it at a different speed if you aren't seeing a change after a week or so.

I was a Clarisonic Mia user, but switched to Foreo because a) it's greener, you don't have to replace any brush heads, which made using it b) cheaper after a year or so comparatively, and c) the battery lasts for freaking ever. There are many more reasons, but I'll keep it simple.

Anyway, if you get one and you like/love/worship it, let Jackie J know (you can also comment below). Or if you try the Foreo toothbrush, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THAT'S LIKE!

Cream your neck!


**This post is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Foreo, but if you purchase anything from the Foreo site after clicking, Jackie will hopefully get a teeny tiny commission.**