Natch Beaut with Julia Prescott Episode Guide

Julia and Jackie both have vintage eyeglass frames from Old Focals in Pasadena, CA.

ThredUp- Online thrift store

Julia's signature Red Lip

Russian Red by Mac. Unfort, Mac tests on animals which is such a bummer given the glowing review Julia gave. But according to the sweet sweet internet, here are some cruelty-free dupes of this color that you will hopefully enjoy just as much:

The Boxes we gabbed about:

The names are clickable.

Facetory Men's Box

Free Shipping
(Looked really cute)

Boxy Charm

  • $21/MO
  • 5-6 Beauty Items, At least 4 are Full Size Products. 
  • Free Canadian shipping
  • Price goes down slightly if you buy up front for multiple months
  • Only for the continental USA and Canada
  • additional 5 dollar shipping to Canada

Sephora Play

10 a month-  6 products, skin care, name brands/luxury brands
deluxe samples, not the little pouches.
Around 40 dollar value

LIFE HACK: poke a tiny hole in the pouch samples with a safety pin to get more out of it with less mess and fuss. 

The eyeshadow Julia discovered and loved in her Sephora Play box is by Hikari — specifically their cream pigment eyeshadow in “Latte” 
Cruelty free!
Full detailed reports on every box that exists each month, and trade items with other box babes.


5 deluxe sample or full-sized beauty goodies (including makeup, skincare, hair care, and nail care), packed in a stylish makeup bag. 10 dollars/month US free shipping and additional to Canada.
Around 40 dollars of value

Facetory Korean Face mask box

4 or 7 Masks per month, you pick
$5.95 (Retail $12.95)
$2.95 Shipping

$15.95 a month for the 7,
3.95 shipping

  • Ship to 50+ countries for 9.99 additional
  • Cute packaging, lots of variety
  • If you do subscribe tell em NB sent ya!


  • 10 dollars a month, hair, skin and makeup
  • 5ish items, sample sized, around 40 dollars of value
  • Birchbox MAN 20 dollars

Petit Vour- cruelty free

Petit Vour is a monthly delivery of cruelty-free beauty products.

  • Monthly boxes to the US are $15, and $25 to Canada.
  • 35ish dollars worth of product, sample and full sized assortment
  • Also ships to the UK and Australia

Love Goodly-Eco Lifestyle box

Products that are stylish, cruelty free, natural and eco-friendly.

Every box has a value of $60+ of natural and eco products. And the sale of each box will support a cause and features the best conscious brands, from cruelty free, organic, nontoxic, fair trade, locally produced, sustainable and vegan, while raising awareness and funds for important causes.

  • Made in the USA.
  • Eco-friendly packaging, everything is recyclable.
  • Bi-Monthly boxes for 30 dollars each.
  • This month's is $89 value for $29.95
  • Full Size premium products or deluxe samples.
  • Ships to Canada for additional shipping.
  • Will soon have a customizable feature.

 ***********The code NATCH at checkout will get you a one-time trial rate of $10 off your first box (so first box only will be $19.95! This code will work until the end of July 2017.)***********
After July is over, you can use code NATCH5 to get 5 dollars off your box. 

I AM NOT RECEIVING COMPENSATION! I just emailed them and asked if I could get a code for my hunnies to encourage everyone to try an eco box out. I have enjoyed the two I've gotten so far very much. 

This month there is a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in the box that is pure sizzle!

Julia and I both recommend you throw a clothing swap party with all of your pals!

Refresh your wardrobe, purge things you no longer wear, and swap makeup you didn't use/like/ used once or never opened.
Here's an Oprah article explaining more about them- I trust Oprah with my entire life/body/soul.

And to get your Pink, "Lipstick it to the Man" lipstick that gives all its net profits to Planned Parenthood, visit

Also, to make a direct donation to Planned Parenthood and help a woman in need get her annual pap, receive counseling, get some condoms she can't afford, or cure her debilitating UTI, 
go to

Drink Greener

I encourage everyone to invest in a water bottle and start lugging it along with you everywhere you go, specifically lunch, so you stop buying a plastic water bottle every day! We can cut down on our waste where we can and help make a difference (to off-set all of our Sephora samples)

I have a PANK Bkr bottle and am obsessed with it! I have the 500ml but they also make a 1 liter size if you are EXTRA thirsty!

My husband has a Swell and is obsessed with it and now I also want one.

I also recommend a set of bamboo flatware! They are great for lunches on the go or at work. I give these to everyone I know for Christmas. They're so dang handy and cute!

Unfort they don't have PANK but I have the agave color

Let me know which beauty boxes YOU like, and some of your favorite products you've found in your boxes. My favorite box discovery ever is definitely SuperGoop which came in my Birch box. 
I wear the Supergoop sunscreen oil every day!