Ya Girl Jackie J on other podcasts

Since Natch Beaut has aired, I have guested on a few other podcasts. I still get emails asking about my other podcast appearances, as well as emails that y'all have enjoyed listening to them. So here is an updated list of all of my most recent podcast appearances outside of Natch Beaut. 

Here is the first list of my appearances prior to starting Natch Beaut.

Teen Creeps- Episode 42- RL Stine's The New Girl
Grownup comedians Kelly Nugent and Lindsay Katai discuss the YA pulp fiction of their awkward, neon youth. I had a great time with the ladies, and enjoyed reading a book for this podcast since I'm not a big reader on my own. 

CIPYD 95: Jackie Johnson and Belgin Malinois
Every Tuesday, dog owner Allegra Ringo and dog wanter Renee Colvert talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dogs news. They go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know. If there's a dog, they're gonna pet it!
Chooch and I did this podcast together, and I cry at one point. I love the CIPYD ladies so much, I had them on Natch Beaut as well! 

Dogs we Saw this Week- Episode 11- Jackie Johnson
To piggy back the CIPYD episode, I just couldn't get enough Chooch talk so I joined my friends Stephanie and Anne on their dog pod. Hear more about my Chooch and other cute poochies! 

Fear Based Life- Auditions and Internet Neurosis
Mel Stephens hosts this podcast all about what scares you. I got real in this one and also tear up once or twice. OVERSHARER 4 LIFE.

Lizard People
Katelynn Hempstead hosts this comedy podcast all about conspiracy theories. We wanted to pick a light subject that wouldn't bum the audience out, but I ended up flipping the script and getting quite riled up about GMO's and the harsh truths of our food industry. It got dark, but all in good fun!