Glossier with Nicole Byer - Episode Guide

I had so much fun talking to Nicole about makeup! Here is a rundown of everything we chatted about.


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Nicole loves Mac and especially the lipstick Ruby Woo. Here are the cruelty-free dupes we discussed:

She also loves SugarPill lipsticks! Vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sound as far as I know! 

Glossier products and links:

Glossier is made in the USA (which is rare!) and cruelty-free. Much like my faves Urban Decay and Tarte, they do have products in their line that are not vegan. Just like ordering the vegan option at Taco Bell, I say support your cause and buy the vegan options from the brands you love. I hope Glossier comes out with more vegan options in their makeup soon!

If you are a woman of color, I would love to hear more about your favorite makeup brands!

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