Episode Guide with Georgia Hardstark

Georgia was such a fun and thoughtful guest! We didn't discuss a ton of products, but here are some of the things we did gab about. 

Much love to all the Beauterinos!

Georgia's Instagram
Georgia's Twitter

Whurl App

Where Georgia buys and sells her vintage clothes online! 

Her username is Hardstark

Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops

I gave Georgia the color "Rose Gold"

Georgia's Big & Sexy Hairspray is Cruelty-free!

Georgia's Covergirl lipslicks in "Daring"

Fight her on amazon for tubes.

(FYI Covergirl tests on animals unfort)

My natural deodorant I'm using right now is the Source Vital Deozein® Natural Deodorant!

Unfortunately, Schick razors test on animals and so does Avon!

Here are some fun and chic cruelty-free razors on Amazon by a company called Personna!

I hope you all learn from our epic beauty fails.

Read labels and follow instructions implicitly when doing any beauty treatment at home! 

I would love to hear your epic beauty fails. Comment below, submit one to me, or share it with the Natch Beaut Hunnies FB group