Bonus Natch Beaut Episode - #GRWM Get Ready With Me Facebook Live

I am living for the Natch Beaut facebook group. A gorgeous hunnie named Sylvia was the first one to go live, and now lots of hunnies are doing their makeup live for the group. We are all learning so much about techniques and brands! 

I decided to share my getting-ready routine in the group this weekend as I was doing my makeup for my band's gig. I cuss, I have a couple emotional meltdowns, and Chooch silently judges me throughout. Please enjoy! 

There are a few F bombs so be mindful if watching this at work or with children/nuns.



I did not set my under eye/face with powder. One, makeup stays really well on me (I was made for this, honey!) And two, I didn't want powder to ruin the shine on my face from my Cover FX primer and enhancer drops. I also haven't mastered the setting powder. It always looks cakey! I just do a light concealer and pray for the best. 

LA girl foundation- This foundation is a dead-ringer for Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation down to the packaging. But it's MUCH more affordable and cruelty-free.

Lise Watier Magnifix- A cruelty-free dupe of Mac Fix Plus

Micellar water that I put in an old spray bottle. I like Yes To Cotton! For a higher end, I also love the Source Vital micellar water.

Bdellium tools 787 highlight brush- 


Lime Crime venus grunge palette 

Duo lash glue



If you wanna, join the Hunnies in the Facebook group to see more of everyone's beauty routines!