Episode Guide with Katelyn Hempstead of Lizard People Podcast

I loved talking beauty conspiracies with Katelyn, the conspiracy theory expert. Be sure to check out my episode of her podcast, Lizard People, where I shared with her my thoughts on the evil GMO movement! 

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The lip balm that I have been using and enjoy very much, gifted to me by a Hunnie. Available at Whole Foods

Rose Salve- This brand is vegan, but others do contain lanolin so read labels if you are a vegan. 

Expiration of makeup and skincare

Chooch's little butt in the Feral Audio studio.

Chooch's little butt in the Feral Audio studio.

Make sure to always look on the bottom of your products. There should be a little number circled on the bottom. That number indicates the number of months your product will stay fresh after it has been opened. No telling how long it has been unopened, though!