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Tassi Hair Wrap

Keeps my fringe fresh

I have a feeling we all learned something from Alison's lady life hacks today. Personally, my life has been changed since ordering a Tassi hair holder wrap after we gabbed out them while recording. I wear it in the shower/bath, while I do my makeup to keep my fringe out of the way, and in the morning/night while I do my skin routine. WHERE HAS THIS TASSI BEEN ALL MY LIFE?

I ordered the leopard one from Amazon, and I got Steven one, too (he got the brown one!)

BTW, I got these Zenni frames after Riley talked them up on last week's episode, and they're PANK and I love em!

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Life hack one:
Free Sephora Classes

Life hack two:
The ultimate lash strip application
Duo lash glue (Jackie's fave)

Life hack three:
Use perfume samples on vacations for memory-building

Life hack 4:
Tassi Terrycloth Hair holder
Can you tell which beauty hack is my fave!? And I'm clearly not the only one... look at those reviews! 

Life hack 5:
External Phone battery

Life hack 6
Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Life Hack 7
Nail stickers to cover up a busted mani

Life Hack 8
The U-plunge bra
Here's one bra from Nordstrom's that is like Alison's

Life Hack 9
Velcro Rollers

Our in-studio beauty hacks didn't go so well, but at least we had fun doing them!


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