I was Active All of August with the Help of Source Vitál Apothecary

You may have heard me on Episode 17 of Natch Beaut tell Katelyn Hempstead that I'm a total couch potato, I never sweat, and I never work out or move my body at all.                   

So on August 1st, as I sat on the couch, I suddenly thought to myself, why not start movin’ my bod today and see if I can go an entire month without bailing on this, like I have with basically every other hobby/lifestyle change I've ever tried (I have the guitar, drum kit, Spanish language DVDs, and box of various crafts to prove it.).               

And that is how I began my ACTIVE IN AUGUST personal exercise challenge!         

My buddies at Source Vitál Apothecary got wind of my challenge and sent me a few goodies to encourage me throughout my journey, because if you can still be an athlete and prioritize the pampering, baby, then color me INTRIGUED!               

Here is the list of all of the activities I attempted and accomplished throughout my month-long athletic challenge.         

Walking and climbing the hills of my 'hood 


I decided to take it easy at first, and by easy I mean not pay for anything (in case I bail on this workout idea). My first move was spraying on Source Vitál Apothecary Deozein® Natural Deodorant. Then I dusted off and laced up my sneakers, leashed Chooch, and began going on light jogs/swift walks in my neighborhood. 

My Soundtrack - Bombastic EP by Bonnie McKee

Since I'm a lump, my poor dog has also become a lump. Chooch got tired very quickly into our journey and I had to carry her up certain hills. I did curls with her as I walked (she weighs 6 lbs so she's the perfect size for this). It felt good to get moving, but I still got really bored and just wanted to get back to my couch as quickly as possible. Chooch agreed.

A few days into this, I started to go a little harder.

Instead of going down a hill, I would go up a hill (my neighborhood is insanely hilly). Chooch got really tired, as did I.


After only a few days in, I went up one hill I had never attempted before! I even started seeing the same like minded athletic folks in my 'hood jog past me every day. It felt nice! Then when I got home, I would do some planks and stretches just to up the game a little bit. Chooch hated it.

This is around the time that I started getting sore. Ah, I had forgotten about the sore feeling. It really sucks! What a crappy way for your body to reward you for finally getting off the dang couch!

This is the first day I popped open my Source Vitál Apothecary Sports Balm. I'm obsessed with this stuff! I rubbed it all over my legs and butt and it took me away to a magical place of painless serenity. Seriously, it feels kind of like a psychedelic experience. Source Vitál Apothecary is all about the aromatherapy, and the Sports Balm has wintergreen essential oils that give your muscles a warming, comforting sensation. There are also peppermint and rosemary essential oils to stimulate, and thyme and plai essential oils to reduce the feeling of inflammation—among many other oils of goodness!

I started to remember that I really only like being indoors while attempting to be active, so I vowed to continue my active August, but to move my challenge indoors.


My buddy Lauren (listener and past guest of Natch Beaut) texted me that she has been using Classpass for months now and it has changed her life! She and I have always lamented about being string beans together, so the fact that she was encouraging me to move my body meant even more. I decided to join and check it out. Here are the classes I ended up sampling.

1. Physique 57

I went with Stephanie Beatriz to this class, who is extremely in shape and fit. I tried my best to keep up, but these ladies mean business! I was in awe of their strength, but also really felt motivated to succeed through their upbeat and positive personalities. I survived the class and despite it being difficult, I very much enjoyed it.

But MAN, after two days WAS I SORE. They kicked my BUTT! I couldn't even sit down on the dang toilet without my legs feeling like they were gonna give out. This is the unglamorous side to athleticism that no one talks about—you are too sore to pee.

For a couple days post-class, I soaked in Source Vitál Apothecary Analgesic Bath Salts. Once again, these salts got all the most-bomb essential oils. They got peppermint, wintergreen, and birch sweet essential oils which all aid in reducing inflammation and discomfort from sore muscles and joints. Ooh baby did these do the dang TRICK.

I also had their Renew Bath Salts, and threw those in the mix as well. The Renew Bath Salts are meant to restore your body and renew your spirits. Apparently they are great for a hangover (working out gives my butt a hangover). It says to use 1⁄4 cup of salts to a warm bath, but I got wild some days and threw in 1⁄4 cup of both the analgesic AND the renew salts. I heard Oprah say once that she uses a whole bottle of bubble bath in one bath, so I decided to be indulgent like Queen O and really pamper my sore bod! I wonder if Oprah is ever too sore to pee in her toilet.

2. Pilates

Pilates is HARD, and it certainly makes your bod sore. I did pilates three times in the month of August, and each time I ached for several days later. Particularly, the last class I attended. The teacher made Cersei Lannister seem compassionate. This was not my style at all. I'm not giving up on the pilates entirely, but perhaps I gotta work myself up to that reformer/the intense and humorless instructors.

Thank the good lord for my Source Vitál Apothecary Analgesic Bath Salts combined with my trusty Sports Balm, or I would've just had to wear diapers in order to avoid that dreaded descent to the toilet seat. I was so sore after the last class with Cersei, I would hardly walk down the stairs to take Chooch to go potty. We are both gonna need diapers!

3. Yoga Booty Ballet

Now this is my kind of CLASS, HONEY. This is a group class that combines yoga, dance, ballet, and light stretching/meditation. It got my body moving, but was uncompetitive, the teacher is a cool-sexy-slinky uplifting angel, and every time I would go to this class, I would leave very sweaty and happy!

Chill out. It's vegan.

Chill out. It's vegan.

Before I left my house for each Yoga Booty Ballet class, I would always spray my Deozein Natural Deodorant in my pits. I'm paranoid about stinking, and switching over to natural deodorant after years of using anti-perspirant has been a real smelly journey.

I knew that if Deozein could handle me post-class, it could handle everything. And it DID, HONEY. My favorite is the original formula in the spray form. There's also the new Deozein Zest Natural Deodorant, as well, and it has more of a citrusy scent, but my fave is the original which has a patchouli/tea tree scent (two of my absolute fave smells!). And the spray is the way to go for me (they have a roll on version, too). It’s easy to aim, goes on super light, and I love that you can spray it on your body/feet to freshen up on the go. Plus, my husband and I can share a bottle and not have to share each other's armpit cooties.

And yeah, maybe Yoga Booty Ballet is right next to my favorite ice cream place, and maybe I would get ice cream after every class. SO WHAT!?            

We are now into September, and I'm very proud of myself for not bailing on the active lifestyle yet! I renewed my Classpass and also have been checking out online workouts in the comfort of my own home, like Beach Body On Demand. I have also been drinking a lot of Soylent, but that story is for another time.

Just know that after my active August, I have decided to keep the activities up! I cannot stress enough how nervous and anxious I was to do this. I'm such a sedentary human, and I even had a panic attack in my car before I walked into my first group fitness class. But I'm so glad I mustered up the courage to go, and now that I'm seeing the results (feeling better, feeling more happy, sleeping better, etc.) I'm even prouder of myself for not bailing!

I'm also so thankful to Source Vitál Apothecary for encouraging me, and for helping me and my sore butt muscles make it through this challenge! I encourage all the hunnies out there to get that body movin, and if you wanna do it in style and unstinky, get yourself some Source Vitál Apothecary Deozein!                

This post was sponsored by Source Vital Apothecary, but I wrote it and all opinions are mine.

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