Step into my Bathroom: An intimate look at my beloved products

I am taking the hunnies today into a place not many people are welcome- MY BATHROOM.

Although modest, I would argue it's the most important room in my life.

I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of my most intimate place and share what I'm slathering on my bod/head/face every day. It is always evolving and changing, but this will be a fun time capsule into this era of my skincare.

Let's start with the medicine cabinet!

Bottom shelf, from left to right

My toothpaste du jour: Schmidt's Vanilla Chai. When it runs out, I have their new Lime Coconut flavor waiting! 

CariFree flouride mouth rinse- I bought this on Amazon. I haven't used a mouthwash in years (most of them are not good for you/test on animals) but I am on a mission to remineralize my teeth and this came highly recommended, so I implemented it into my routine.

Rite Aid brand contact solution- Now that I wear daily lenses, this hardly gets used. But this is a great alternative for those of us who want to be cruelty-free- get the generic brand! It's all the same shit. I've used generic contact solution my whole life (Cheap ass bitch) and my eyeballs haven't fallen out yet. 

Source Vital apothecary Deozein Fresh- HONEY. This is my favorite deod of all TIME. I love the floral scent, and I stay dry, fresh, and natch with this spray. There are several scents of my beloved Source Vital Deozein, but I'm all about the fresh.

Source Vital apothecary Aromatic Emulsion Balance- This smells like LEMONS, and has so many uses. It can be a setting spray, a toner, or a on-the-spot acne treatment. I love the smell (do you see a pattern? Source Vital's stuff is all so smelly goody) and reach for this most nights as my toner.

Acure Facial Toner- I also LOVE this toner! This was a gift from Lauren Adams when she came on Natch Beaut, as she was shocked I didn't currently have a toner in my regimen. I immediately saw a difference in my skin after working in this step.

My wooden toothbrush came in a Love Goodly box. I try to cut plastic out as much as I can without going insane. Wooden toothbrushes are a great way to cut one more thing out! 

Top shelf, where the magic happens

Grande Lash- The reason my lashes are long and lush. I am now at the point that I only apply this a couple times a week. It worked!

Grande Brow- I bought this at IMATS since I had such great success with Grande Lash. I've been doing this nightly for about a month. No noticeable difference in my brows yet, but I am hopeful that any minute, it'll kick in and I'll look like Sandy Cohen (Seth's Dad, DUH.)

Tatcha Eye Cream- Since JKissa highly recommended this, I thought I would give it a whirl! It is very luxurious (the applicator is cooling, and the box/packaging was so glam) but this is still in it's testing stages, so nothing to rave about yet!

Bio Clarity- When I feel my PMS looming and my monthly hormonal breakout rising, I switch to my Bio Clarity routine. Bio Clarity is also a proud sponsor of Natch Beaut, so use code NATCH if you want to check it out (it's a subscription service so you never run out!)
Not pictured: Their cleanser which I am in LOVE with.

Source Vital Apothecary Custom Facial Cocktail- Jackie Err'Day
This is my favorite skincare product I own! That is a heavy statement! You tell them your skin needs and they blend you a custom oil for those issues. This smells like HEAVEN. I have to stop being so dang greedy with it cause I douse my life in it morning and night, and it runs out way faster than it should. Just a dab will do ya. But I love it, what can I say!? You can also name it whatever you want and it comes printed on the label when you order it. 

Ranavat Jasmine toner mist- So I am a sucker for a good mist (As we say on Natch Beaut, spray the sh*t out of yourself) and I was handed this at IBE by the owner of the company, and HONEY. This smells so divine, and I can't get enough. I spray this on myself throughout the day as I come in and out of the bathroom, as well as mix it with some of my face mask clays as the base. I'm in love!

Osea Malibu advanced protection creme- this is my most bougie and luxurious moisturizer I own, and I grab it first always. A tiny amount will lube up your whole face and neck (CREAM THAT NECK!) and I wake up hydrated every day!

Osea Malibu Hyaluronic Sea Serum- One of my fave serums. All of the Osea stuff is pure luxury and nothing else. Everything smells very clean and neutral (so it works great to layer with my more aromatic items) and it's all glass bottles baby. GLAM ALL THE WAY.

BrioGeo Scalp Revival dry Shampoo- I bought this at Riley Rose on a whim, and I really like it, although the applicator is weird (you just squeeze the bottle and the product puffs out, like a vintage perfume bottle) so you kind of feel like nothing is coming out. I applaud the effort to change up the applicator a bit from the norm, but I say next round, BrioGeo, maybe switch it up!

MyChelle Retinal Night Cream- this is my only current Retinal in my regimen and I really like it. Like all retinals/retinoids, you gotta start slow (once a week) and build up your face to it. This one is light, non irritating, and I love this brand- You can get it at Whole Foods!

Frownies Facial patches- These were an IBE discovery. Color me intrigued- I've been trying them almost every night (some nights I'm just like, not tonight honey, I've already been in here creaming my neck for 15 minutes.) and will keep everyone posted on the results. I put them on my crow's feet and my smile lines. I spray the patches with the Ranavat Jasmine spray as a base (Frownies sells a rose water spray but I think any facial spritz will work fine.)

Dr. Sturm Hyaluronic serum- This was a gift from Hunnie and skincare fanatic Holly! This is the most expensive item in my whole bathroom hands down. I use this some nights in lieu of the Osea. Dr. Sturm is a BAD ASS lady and if I had it my way, I would have all of her stuff! 

Now, I have WAY more products in my drawers and my bedroom, but this is what I mainly use.

Now onto the SHOWER!

There are more things not pictured, but again, these are the stars. 

Bottom shelf:

My beloved Foreo Luna Mini cleansing brush- this is a serious skincare game changer and everyone needs to invest honestly. Read my blog about Foreo.

Schmidt's Soap in Ylang Ylang Calendula- I LOVE THIS SOAP! It has some grit to it, so it keeps your skin smooth while it cleanses and leaves behind the best scent ever. This is my favorite Schmidt's scent! And these bars last a long dang time. 

Middle Shelf:

Source Vital Apothecary Peppermint Body Wash- If you wanna feel clean, EVERYWHERE, honey, get you one of these. It's great for all genders as well, cause like, who doesn't love peppermint? Also makes for an invigorating bath! 

MyChelle Perfect C Cleansing Oil- This is my Oil cleanser du jour and I love it. I sometimes cannot even believe how much makeup this stuff manages to disintegrate off of my face. I'm talking full face beat, liquid lip, and mascara! 

Provon Medicated Anti Microbial soap- I use this to clean my piercings. I have 4 holes in each ear, and something nobody told me is that when you have piercings, they STINK. Your body sheds skin cells and they get caught in your holes, then they start to STINK. Gross huh!? Anyway, I wash my holes out with this soap every time I'm in the bath or shower so that people will still be my friend. I got this on Amazon and have used it for years. 

Esalon Tinted Love in Copper- I use this to keep my hair color poppin' in between colorings. I really like it! Although Overtone just sent me some stuff, so I am gonna try that soon and see how it compares.

Esalon Keepin it Rich Conditioning Mask- I do this a couple times a month and my hair is always super soft afterwards. 

Top Shelf:

Dry Bar Activated Charcoal shampoo and Conditioner- These are my fave shamp and condish at the moment. I feel like I can get a couple extra days of clean hair on this duo than I can with my other combos. Perhaps the charcoal helps the scalp build up. I really love the scent of all the Dry Bar stuff as well. This is a great shamp I would recommend if you are looking to try a new one.

ESalon Getitng Rich and Every Rich Way color-safe Shampoo and Conditioner- This also does a great job and smells super clean and I reach for this a lot! 

Other shower heros

Source Vital Apothecary Algae Deep Scrub- my favorite exfoliation! This goes without saying, I LOVE THE SCENT, but it also works so well, clears out my nost pores, and I'm obsessed with it.

Osea Ocean cleanser- I am not joking, this smells EXACTLY like Lime skittles. I wash my face with this every morning, and night if I didn't wear makeup that day. I love it!

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt- I bought this at Sephora after being intrigued by it. This tiny jar was 19 dollars. Did I like it? YES. I might have to splurge on the big ol' 50 dollar jar next time cause this went way too fast. 

I hope you enjoyed this intimate look at my dang shelves! Maybe I will do my bedroom next....

What were some of the most intriguing things to you? Leave me a comment and let me know!