Look snatched, live natch, give BACK with a Love Goodly Subscription Box

Use the code NATCHDEAL. Try Love Goodly!
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I'm an influenser, and I'll affiliate if I want to! 

While just sittin' up in my room, I utilized my film degree (are you happy, DAD?!) and made this little video to show y'all what's in the February/March Love Goodly box, and you're gonna want one of your own, honey!

I am so excited to be an affiliate with Love Goodly!

Love Goodly isn't your average subscription box. And here's why:

Ladies taking care of Ladies!
 Love Goodly is a women-owned bimonthly subscription box filled with nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products. You are supporting ladies and brands that align with cruelty-free and vegan values in one. The boxes are also bi-monthly, so you won't get bored or overwhelmed like you might with a monthly box.

What's in the box? NOTHIN BUT GOODNESS! 
Every brand is cruelty-free, non-gmo, eco-friendly and vegan. A couple other causes thrown in: Fair-trade, organic, recycled, Made in the USA, sustainable production. Every product is labeled so you know just how fabulous it is before you use it. 

Look Snatched and Give BACK!
With each purchase, they donate to charity. This box benefits a place very dear to my heart, the gentle barn!

Ordering a Love Goodly subscription is a literal WIN-WIN-WIN!

The Details

Sign up and use code NATCHDEAL for a total of $20 off- This special Jackie code will get you $10 off your first box, and $10 off your second box when you subscribe + a full size beauty gift (an organic, way cuuuuute highlighter! You'll get it with the next box) The code will apply to either the VIP or Essential box- whichever fits your lifestyle, honey!

So use code NATCHDEAL and sign up today at lovegoodly.com

This code will work until 3/12/18, so don't sleep on this cute deal. 

Here's a peak at what you get in the February/March box.

  • Source Vital Apothecary Jasmine Eye Balm- quite possibly all of my favorite words all strewn together.
  • Cypress Skincare Lash Love- Organic Castor and Hemp oils to nourish lashes and brows and help them grow.
  • LesserEvil Buddha Bowl organic popcorn- If you watch my insta stories, you know I LOVE popcorn. This was eaten immediately upon opening the box.
  • MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub- I LOVE this brand. I have several of their products on my bathroom shelf. We all know I love a good scrub so this is right up my alley.
  • Hurraw! Lip Balm- the flavor I got was almond, and I LOVE ALMONDS/ALMOND SCENTED THINGS. I manifested this.
  • Dermae Overnight Peel- I cannot WAIT to brighten up my mug overnight with this! It tingled a bit when I sampled it, and momma loves a tingle. Color me intrigued!

There are so many cute thoughtful touches to each Love Goodly box and you have to order one to see. 

So use code NATCHDEAL and sign up today at lovegoodly.com

And read more about the company and their cause

I am proud to support Love Goodly and you will be, too.