Thirsty Face Thursdays, The invention of Prelfies, and Splitsider!

Hey hunnies!

I have been having so much fun doing Instagram Live videos every Thursday afternoon with Lauren Adams aka Masking for Trouble

We face mask, we chat, we laugh! Thank you to all the hunnies who tune in and ask us questions/mask with us! You can catch the next one this Thursday around 4pm California time on my personal instagram.

We usually always go into product talk, too, and some of you asked if I could recap everything we gabbed about on, so here we are!

Presenting what I am calling a "Prelfie" (product selfie), here's everything I showed Lauren during last week's Thirsty Face Thursday Instagram live

From left to right:

Complex Beauty The Godmother Enzyme Mask
This mask is said to grant all of your skin wishes. As I discussed on the live chat, my face was having a DAY, honey. I was still recovering from SXSW and being in a different city/away from my usual routine. I was breaking out and needed some brightness, so I knew just the mask to go to.

From Complex's website:
This blend of pumpkin, vitamin E + C, glycolic acid, bilberry, neem, and meadowfoam seed oil will leave your skin bright, shiny, and new way past midnight! With a little something for all skin types, this mask helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, hydrates, provides antibacterial protection, and exfoliates. Complex is also an indie female-owned brand from my home city of Dallas, Texas!

If you use code NATCH you will get 10% off your order from any skincare. They have cute t-shirts too for the mask lover in your life. 

Complex Beauty Smooth Operator Antioxidant Mask 
Lauren had just had a traumatic black charcoal tear-off mask experience and needed some soothing, yummy goodness put back into her face, so she grabbed smooth operator to help calm down.

From Complex's website:
Vitamin C, cranberry, blueberry, green tea, hibiscus, and more operate together to heal your skin from the inside. Preserve your skin and keep it looking smooth, fresh, and youthful for longer! 

Complex Beauty Afterglow complexion Mist
Lauren and I both agree that we are obsessed with this mist! I even went as far to say that it's in my top 2 mists of the moment (Honey, I LOVE mists.) We both love the strong scent, the tingle it provides, and the effects!

From Complex's website:
Douse yourself in this hydrating and balancing complexion mist for a refreshing skin treat throughout the day. This mist is perfect for the days you spend sans makeup, but also great under and over makeup on the days you need to adult. Featuring lavender water, MSM, tamanu oil, carrot seed oil, aloe vera, and more to get your skin back to gorgeous and glowy.

If you use code NATCH you will get 10% off your order from any skincare. Thank you Complex for your code for the hunnies! 

Use Me Hair Daily Vita Mist

I love mists so much, I gotta have one for just my hair! Use Me is a vegan, indie, woman-owned company I just discovered and I am loving her stuff SO MUCH!
The whole line is extremely easy to use and utilitarian. You can have cute hair, no matter what type, with only 3 products. This mist is step 3 after the shampoo and conditioner.

From Use Me's website:
Fight frizz. Heat defend. Adds Shine. Refresher. Detangles. UV protectant. Moisturize. not to mention Liquid Biotin vitamins to add strength, health and length to your hair.
I hardly wash my hair these days, and this really helps to keep it looking clean between my washes. I am loving it and the fresh smell! Lauren loved the smell, too.

MyChelle Perfect C Cleansing Oil
Someone asked us during the chat how we get our eye makeup off, and I said I am all about that oil cleanse life. My oil of choice is the MyChelle Perfect C Oil. It will eat all of your makeup off and leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated after. I am also obsessed with the smell. It's sort of nutty to me which I assume is from the tamanu oil. It is sort of like fresh baked goods. Anyway, I LOVE IT! Mychelle is an entire vegan and cruelty-free line of tons of great skin treats! 

Odacite Green Ceremony Cleanser
This stuff is not only awesome, but also one of the most special skincare products I have ever used. It starts out as beautiful, earthy-smelling green powder. Then you add water to it and it becomes this frothy, yummy, matcha-tea foam that you then rub all over your face. I am obsessed and now I want to buy everything Odacite makes. They have a Black mint cleanser, too, and now I want THAT ONE TOO. I bet it's as cool as it sounds!

Oh and in case anyone is curious, my PANK glasses are from Zenni!

IN OTHER NEWS, last week's episode of Natch Beaut with our beloved Jonathan Van Ness was highlighted by Splitsider in their week of podcasts recap! Read the article here to see what they said about Jonathan's appearance

I am honored to be on this list. Also on this list is my friend Eliza Skinner's new podcast, Cool Playlist, which I just guested on! Listen to the episode here and enjoy us making a Girl's Night Out playlist!

I hope I see lots of hunnies tuning into our next Instagram live this Thursday! I always have new products and masks to chat about. This is my passion, people!