Self Care Holes vs. Self Care Goals with Hot Mess Comedy Hour (Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin) Episode Guide

At the top of the show we have new iTunes reviews from hunnies with lots of product recommendations, plus a Skincare 101 lesson.

Then the hosts of the Hot Mess Comedy Hour podcast Andrea and Emily join Jackie for a chat about where they’re slaying in self care and where they could use some help.

Topics covered range from anxiety diarrhea, how to look like an eyebrow model, rarely showering vs. frequent baths, the pressures of being Honda-mom level hot, and how capoeira can change your life.

Here is everything discussed in the episode today!

Hot Mess Comedy Hour (Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin) with Jackie Johnson and the Chooch

Hot Mess Comedy Hour (Andrea Allan and Emily Lubin) with Jackie Johnson and the Chooch

Products recommended by the Hunnies in this week’s iTunes reviews

Jackie’s current skin routine faves

Further Reading:

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