80's appreciation with Jackie Tohn Episode Guide

Is everybody ready to get your GLOW on today?

Actress/Singer/comedian Jackie Tohn plays Melrose on the hit Netflix show, and she shares with us how she chose her American Idol audition song, why the wand is the heart of a mascara experience, how she’s embraced the nostalgia of the 80’s, and how being on GLOW celebrates her shine.

Season two of GLOW is out today!

Here is everything we discussed in today's episode. 

Jackie Tohn

Jackie Tohn

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Jackie Tohn as Melrose on Netflix's "GLOW"

Jackie Tohn as Melrose on Netflix's "GLOW"

Jackie Tohn on Instagram

Jackie Tohn on Twitter

Jackie’s single Throw it in the fire will be out July 13th. Check out her website for all updates!

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