Announcing the First ever NATCH BEAUT makeup tutorial video!

Hey Hunnies! Today is a very exciting day.

After years of  admiring and supporting the Youtube community, I finally was like "yeah maybe I should make a makeup video."

So with the help of a couple of my friends, we FINALLY did it, baby.

Please enjoy my first ever makeup tutorial. We shot this in my office with my friend Karolyn's camera. I ran my own sound and we used no beauty lights, so this is as real and raw as it gets. I had SUCH fun editing this even though it took like 12 hours. I learned a lot, so if I decide to do any more, they are only gonna get better! 

Directed, edited, sound engineered, and hosted by Jackie Johnson
Cinematographer Karolyn McKenzie
Special thanks to Noam Bleiweiss for various guidance
Shot with no beauty lights, just natural lighting and a dream. 

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