Survive your Summer with Source Vitál Apothecary!

Honey! It’s offish- summer is here! Tis the season for pool hang outs, beach trips, and all other fun-in-the-sun moments. 

You better believe I had to write something up to tell y’all all about some new and exciting summer essentials from Source Vitál Apothecary, my favorite natural, hand-crafted, and small batch bath and body care company!

Here are the new Source Vitál products I am loving that are perfect to add to your tote to keep you feeling good, looking cute, and surviving the summer.

Jackie holding Source Vitál Apothecary Sunshade 30.

Jackie holding Source Vitál Apothecary Sunshade 30.

sunshade_swimsuit_1 copy.jpg

Sunshade 30

I mean, you know I had to put the sunscreen first. You BETTER be ‘screening up every day this summer or else Jackie J will come for you! I am all about the natural physical sunscreens these days and this one is perfect for daily use. Just put it on your arms/back/neck every day while driving/hanging and all over your bod for pool/beach/nudist days. Sunshade has a different texture than your typical sunscreen due to the natural ingredients which literally provide a physical barrier between the sun and your skin. The best part of all is, sunshade has no yucky ingredients, has the slightest fresh scent, and it’s coral reef safe/safe for other sea life (so you can get your snorkel/swim/dolphin petting on, and yes I do pet a lot of dolphins.)

new_merecul_multilotion_4 copy.jpg

Merecul MultiLotion

Honey! Source Vitál has done it again with the genius product. The Merecul Multilotion is a must have for summer vacations, hiking, adventuring, and relaxing. Or honestly, just texting (I rub my poor carpel tunnel hands in it every night!) It was developed to help ease the discomfort of swelling or fluid retention. This formula is very active, thanks to natural Menthol, so, it will cool you down when you are hot from being outside, will help comfort and cool your forehead down during a headache, help soothe your cramps (Honey!), help your aching feet from sight seeing all day, and relax your shoulders after a long backpacking through Europe (my personal nightmare, but do you)! It’ll come in handy in so many ways this summer, no matter what activities you get yourself into. Also, it has the most invigorating scent. Just one whiff and I am honestly pumped up to go take a jog with Chooch. I have it all over my back right now and I am truly living my best life. ADD. TO. CART! 

first_aid_spray_beach_1 copy.jpg

First Aid Spray

If you’re like me, you get hurt/drop things/embarrass yourself frequently. And you also never know how to treat yourself post-boo boo because you have nothing in your bathroom to help except one box of crusty old dollar store bandaids? Well now I am equipped to handle whatever summer throws my way! 

This spray is great to cool and soothe your skin after being out in the sun. It has aloe vera, green tea, cucumber and seaweed extracts, plus lavender and peppermint oils to soothe inflammation. It is also helpful to take away the itch and sting of bug bites and heat rashes, or to use on cuts, bruises and burns to provide relief and help kick-start the body’s natural healing processes. This is one of those products that you will end up using for all kinds of things and finding relief! I feel INVINCIBLE! 

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Algae & Aloe Cool Gel

Since we all use sunscreen, we are not going to find ourselves with sun burned skin necessarily, but maybe get this for that one friend you have that always falls asleep by the pool post margarita power hour, or for when you “miss a spot” and have a giant red streak going down your side (Me every summer.) This gel is cool to the touch and packed with all of the yummy things Source Vital is known for: seaweed extract, aloe vera, and a delicious blend of essential oils. This stuff will rehydrate your ultra dry, post-sun party skin and replenish you! No one at work will even know you were the last one to leave the 4th of July bbq (except they will all know, cause Sheila from HR tagged your ass in every pic on Facebook).

You are gonna love these Source Vital summer goodies as much as I do. As always, everything they sell is smelly-goody, natural, and packed with ingredients your skin and the environment love. So happy summering, my honeys, and for the love of all things Natch Beaut, SUNSCREEN YOURSELF!